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Affordable Housing Coalitions and Agencies

Southern California Housing Collaborative (SCHC)
SCHC is a nonprofit corporation striving to create affordable housing opportunities on behalf of the more than 18,000 consumers of the San Diego Regional Center who live in both San Diego and Imperial Counties. SCHC can be reached at (858) 514-7009, website www.socalhc.org, or by e-mail at nathan@socalhc.org.

Resources for Rural Community Development (RRCD)
RRCD is based in Redding, CA and has programs to assist persons with developmental disabilities with home ownership and accessing affordable housing in their communities. RRCD covers the nine county area-receiving services from Far Northern Regional Center. RRCD can be reached at (530) 222-8704, or by e-mail at rrcd@pacbell.net.

Redwood Community Action Agency (RCAA)
RCAA is based in Eureka, CA and has developed affordable housing programs for very low & low income individuals, which includes persons with a developmental disabilities to access units in their communities. RCAA covers Humboldt County. RCAA Property Management Department can be reached at (707) 269-2001 or by e-mail at rentals@rcaa.org.

Lifehouse (formerly MARC)
Lifehouse, based in San Rafael, CA and is dedicated to improving the quality of life for people with developmental disabilities and their families. Lifehouse can be reached by phone at (415) 472-2373, website www.lifehouseagency.org, or by e-mail at mail@lifehouseagency.org.

West Bay Housing Corp. (WBHC)
WBHC, active since August of 2004, is based in San Francisco. It acquires and renovates housing for developmentally disabled adults in the three-county area covered by the Golden Gate Regional Center. WBHC can be reached at (415) 612-0018, website www.westbayhousing.org or e-mail at wbhc@westbayhousing.org.

North Bay Housing Coalition (NBHC)
NBHC is based in Napa, CA and is involved with the development of affordable housing units, home ownership, and housing education in the three county area-receiving services from North Bay Regional Center. NBHC can be reached at (707) 259-6121, website www.northbayhousingcoalition.org or e-mail at nbhc@sbcglobal.net.

Housing Consortium of the East Bay (HCEB)
HCEB is based in Oakland, CA and is creating programs for home ownership, housing education, as well as developing affordable rental unit, and housing education for persons with developmental disabilities. HCEB serves Alameda County, which receives services through Regional Center of the East Bay. HCEB can be reached at (510) 983-1303, website www.hceb.org, or e-mail at dlounds@hceb.org.

Housing Now
Housing Now is based in Sacramento, CA. The mission of Housing Now is to seek accessible and affordable housing for people with developmental disabilities who live in the greater Sacramento area. Housing Now can be reached at (916) 454-4005 , website www.housingnowresource.org, or e-mail at patti@housingnowresource.org.

Delano Association for the Developmentally Disabled (DADD)
DADD is based in Delano, CA is developing programs to increase the stock of affordable housing in the Kern County area, as well as developing a home ownership program. DADD can be reached at (661) 721-3220 or by e-mail at dadd33@hotmail.com.

Home Ownership Made Easy (HOME)
HOME is based in Culver City, CA and serves the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area. Since 1989, we create and manage permanent, affordable, accessible, safe and sanitary rental housing for individuals with developmental disabilities and facilitate independent community living options. HOME can be reached at (310) 258-4131 or by e-mail at info@homeopeningdoors.org.

United Cerebral Palsy of Los Angeles and Ventura Counties (UCP)
UCP of L.A. and Ventura Counties is based in Woodland Hills, CA and has developed housing for persons with developmental disabilities in the greater Los Angeles and Santa Barbara areas. UCP can be reached at (818) 782-2211 or e-mail at ron_cohen@ucpla.org.

Community Interface Services (CIS)
CIS is based in San Diego, CA and serves the greater San Diego metropolitan area. CIS has developed home buying programs as well as education services for persons with developmental disabilities seeking housing in their community. CIS can be reached at (760) 729-3866, website www.communityhousingpartnership.org, or by e-mail at housing@communityinterfaceservices.org.

Housing Choices Coalition (HCC)
HCC is based in San Jose, CA and serves the four county area covered by the San Andreas Regional Center. HCC has developed affordable housing units throughout the greater San Jose area and provides vital housing services throughout its entire coverage area. HCC can be contacted at (408) 284-0990, website www.housingchoices.com or by e-mail at sgrignon@housingchoices.com.

The ARC-San Francisco
The ARC-San Francisco, based in San Francisco is developing programs to link persons with developmental disabilities with affordable housing in their community. The ARC-San Francisco can be reached at (415) 255-7200, website www.thearcsanfrancisco.org, or by e-mail at sgarcia@thearcsanfrancisco.org

Coalition for Housing Accessibility, Needs, Choices and Equality (CHANCE)
CHANCE, based in Santa Barbara, CA is developing programs to increase the stock of affordable housing in the community for persons with developmental disabilities by providing a rental subsidy program. CHANCE can be reached at (805) 685-2797, website www.members.tripod.com/sbchance, or by e-mail at housingsb@aol.com .
Last Updated: 12/17/2014