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About the Program

Canyon Springs is designed to serve adults with developmental disabilities who have moderate to mild intellectual disability. Many individuals have mental health needs in addition to their developmental disability.

Individuals live and work at Canyon Springs while they undergo focused training and treatment to help them learn to manage their lives and gain control over impulsive and inappropriate behaviors. The highly structured program provided by Canyon Springs is intended to help the residents improve their abilities and personal conduct. As individuals demonstrate acceptable behavioral control and personal responsibility, as well as appropriate work, social, and living skills, they are assisted in returning to their original home communities or other less restrictive living arrangements.

The treatment program at Canyon Springs is designed to provide its residents with work/job training including formal educational opportunities and new home life and living skills. Referrals for admission are made by regional centers. Each person is assessed and will participate in developing and carrying out an Individual Program Plan. Residents have opportunities to participate in a variety of integrated activities in natural environments at home, at work, and in the community.

Last Updated: 1/30/2013