feeling safe, being safe

Training Summary Report

Feeling Safe, Being Safe is a training that helps all people take charge of their own emergency preparation by providing tools and instruction that are used easily in their homes. Most people do not think about emergencies impacting their own lives so they are often unprepared to deal with a community emergency or natural disaster. Feeling Safe, Being Safe was created so many more individuals will think about what makes them feel safe, create a plan, and put it into action to be better prepared.

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Being Safe training session?

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2. How did your training
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3. Did the training accomplish the
desired goals?

  • Understand importance of
    personal preparation.
  • Identify personal information
    helpful to First responders.
  • Start and/or complete Feeling Safe,
    Being Safe Worksheet and Magnet.
  • Commitment to complete a
    personal emergency kit.
  • Commitment to connect
    with community.
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