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DAC - Membership Information

  • Tami WassonTami Wasson
  • KC AldacoKC Aldaco
  • Kerri GavinKerri Gavin
    Sonoma Developmental Center Representative
  • Ingrid SchonertIngrid Schonert
    Headquarters Representative
  • Jason ScottJason Scott
    Headquarters Representative
  • DAC Members

    Membership is open to all DDS employees. The committee's composition must include some members who have disabilities.

    Members will be appointed by the Director of Department of Developmental Services to serve a one-year or two-year term during the first year, and then two-year terms in all succeeding years with a maximum of two consecutive terms.

    Coordination of the DAC will be under the direction of the Office of Human Rights and Advocacy Services.

    Committee Members:

    • Chairperson: Tami Wasson- Fairview Developmental Center
    • Vice-Chairperson: K.C. Aldaco -Fairview Developmental Center
    • Secretary: LaDonna J. Brown- Headquarters
    • State Disability Advisory Council Representative: Nancy Britton - Fairview Developmental Center
      • Sonoma Developmental Center Representative: Kerri Gavin
      • Headquarters Representatives:
        • Ingrid Schonert
        • Jason Scott
        • Katharine Severson
        • Alice Lee
    Last Updated: 3/30/2015