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Developmental Centers Initiatives Underway

Incident Reporting

Incidents that are reported to DDS Headquarters are maintained in a database and reviewed and analyzed on a regular basis. The Department is in the final stages of the project (IRIS), an automated system wide data and tracking system for all special incident reports intended to enhance the Incident Reporting section at all DC/CFs, provide access and immediate review of incidents from the DDS Headquarters location, increasing and expanding internal communications and system-wide collaboration. The Department is in the final stages of approving a system for implementation.

Additionally the review and monitoring and initiative for Statewide Approaches has identified the need to work with survey agencies, and the need to revise current DDS policies, and/or the need to introduce training activities for consistency in incident reporting activities. To assist in a comprehensive evaluation of the discrepancies in incident reporting among facilities and further assist in the development of a consistent reporting protocol the Department engages:

  1. Consultants from the Consortium on Innovative Practices to review with DDS Quality Assurance staff original, graphic and trending data for incident reports for past 12 months and to facilitate a webinar with Quality Assurance staff from DDS Headquarters and the DCs to identify current reporting practices.
  2. Onsite reviews of DC incident reporting for past 12 months for congruence with Department policy, including an assessment of incidents that were not considered as having met the criteria for reportable incidents.
  3. As determined by policy and onsite reviews, a) policy revision, b) interpretive guideline, and/or c) teaching/marketing tools for level of care staff reporting.
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Last Updated: 1/31/2012