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Developmental Centers Initiatives - OPS Investigations

Investigations of Incidents by the Office of Protective Services

When an incident occurs at a Developmental Center, a number of reviews occur to determine the contributing factors, develop plans to prevent recurrence, and initiate corrective actions if necessary. Special investigations are conducted by the Office of Protective Services (OPS) as a critical element of the Department's commitment to safeguarding the residents in the Developmental Centers. In response to specific recommendations the OPS operations and organizational restructuring has occurred and the OPS is reviewing and revising all internal operating systems to ensure ongoing improvement. This includes the development of best practice guidelines for investigations, to include policies and procedures annotated with pertinent requirements and regulations to ensure thorough investigations as a measure of protecting DC residents. This is being achieved by the Department and OPS leadership with content expert consultants and will be implemented throughout the system.

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Last Updated: 3/21/2012