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Developmental Centers Initiatives Underway

Culture of Positive Approaches

The DC system has specific guidelines associated with the use of restraints (physical, psychotropic, manual) for those persons where less restrictive measures have proven unsuccessful and where imminent risk of harm exists. A number of efforts over the years have achieved the elimination or reduction of restraint use in some parts of the DC's.

The Department is in the process of formalizing a highly visible "Positive Approaches" initiative to promote a culture for supporting people with challenging behaviors and achieving desired outcomes. The initiative will build on current efforts such as the restraint reduction and Best Practice Guidelines for Active Treatment. The Positive Approaches initiative will be phased in, beginning with identifying the restraint reduction effort as the first step in re-defining the culture. The development of a phased-in plan with specific activities and timelines and examples of other strategies under consideration include:

  1. Department issued statement of desired outcome publicized to all areas.
  2. Department identified restraint and medication reduction goals for each DC.
  3. Department requires 3-year System Improvement Plan from each DC consistent with HQ goals and desired outcomes, including internal staff re-training, increased scrutiny, and administrative oversight.
  4. Department issues annual report card on achievement of reduction goals.
  5. Department sponsors newsletters, workshops, and other supportive strategies.
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Last Updated: 1/31/2012