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Residential Programs

Fairview Developmental Center provides services to individuals who require General Acute care (GAC), Skilled Nursing care (SNF) and Intermediate care for the Developmentally Disabled (ICF-DD). There are four residential programs. Each residential program operates under the administration of an appointed Program Director. The following is a summary describing the services provided:

Program 1: Acute Care/Continuing Medical

Program 1 is a continuum of medical and nursing services that includes acute care and skilled nursing care services. Clients served have a diagnosed medical/physical condition which requires a greater intensity of nursing care and medical intervention. Most clients require assistance in all areas of personal care. Nearly all require the use of adaptive equipment and/or staff assistance for translocation and mobility. The program provides on-going medical and skilled nursing care as well as adaptive skills training on several residential units. Recuperative care is provided on the Extended Care Unit, for clients who are no longer acutely ill, but are not yet well enough to return to their home residence. The program provides short-term care on the Acute Care Unit, for clients who are acutely ill, requiring IV therapy and other interventions.

Program 2: Nursing and Specialized Medical Needs

Program 2 provides an array of services to individuals with developmental disabilities who require nursing care and/or have specialized medical needs. Training, intervention, interaction, treatment and care are provided on a daily basis. The goal is to sustain, restore or improve physical well being and quality of life. These services are provided on 3 skilled nursing and 1 intermediate care residence. Residents of Program 2 include people who are ambulatory; non-ambulatory; have multiple physical challenges; require varying degrees of assistance with activities of daily living; require management and/or treatment of chronic or multiple health conditions and/or behavioral challenges. The primary focus of the program is to provide individuals who have a broad range of skills and needs a therapeutic home environment in which they can strive to meet their full potential as healthy, happy people.

Program 3: Behavioral and Psychiatric Support Services

Behavioral and Psychiatric Support Services and Services to Adolescents are provided to residents in this program. Program 3 serves clients with moderate to severe behavioral challenges and focuses on improving communication skills, group participation and appropriate interactions, learning new/replacement positive behaviors, and coping/anger management skills. Two residences are co-educational.

Program 4: Social and Positive Behavior Development

The Social and Positive Behavior Development Program consists of individuals primarily in the profound to moderate developmental range and focuses on social development, with varying levels of challenging behavioral involvement. One residence is co-educational. While most clients living here are middle-aged, at least one residence provides senior services.

Central Program Services

Central Program Services (CPS) coordinates facility wide educational, vocational, religious and recreational services at Fairview Developmental Center. CPS includes: Special Education, Adult Training and Habilitation, Vocational Services, Speech Pathology, Audiology, Special Arts, Special Activities, Special Olympics, Chaplaincy Services, Beauty Shop, Barber Shop, Volunteer Services, Foster Grandparent/Senior Companion Project, Resource Center, Staff Library, and the Farm.

Last Updated: 6/2/2010