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Judi Murray
Acting Executive Director

3530 Pomona Blvd.
Pomona, CA 91769-0100
Public: (909) 595-1221
TDD: (909) 595-3971

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Lanterman Developmental Center

Lanterman Developmental Center

Our mission is to provide the highest quality services and supports to people with developmental disabilities who require concentrated health care and /or training to develop skills in which to enhance their independence.

Lanterman Developmental Center utilizes an extensive system of services and supports to assist clients residing within our Center. Services are rendered through a variety of programs and departments providing for a creative environment that encourages growth, recognizes individual dignity and maximizes each person's potential and opportunity to live in the setting of his or her choice.

Necessary services and supports are identified through person-centered planning as developed by the Interdisciplinary Team. Person-centered planning provides a framework for making decisions about where the individual wants to live and what the person wants to do based upon his or her strengths, capabilities, preferences, lifestyle and cultural background. Building upon the clients capacities and capabilities, a dynamic and continuous active treatment program is developed that encourages modifications in order to meet new opportunities and challenges experienced by the individual and his or her family.

Our vision is "Realizing Potentials - Providing Opportunities." Accordingly, the Center's efforts focus on supporting the people who live here, as well as the people who work here, in developing their highest potential.

Lanterman Developmental Center supports all individuals in achieving their optimal quality of life in an environment where we all share a set of common core values.

The core values listed below are defining elements in our organizational SPIRIT. Core values are more than just rules of behavior; they demonstrate who we are and guide our daily performance, conduct and decisions. Theses values are not listed in order of importance of priority; rather it is our intent to integrate all of them into our daily interactions with clients, family, staff and the public.

Our core values are:
Core Values LOGO, spells out SPIRIT
Number of clients in Center (as of January 2009) 440
Annual admissions (Approx.) 12
Annual discharges (Approx.) 27
Total staff positions authorized 1,299.5
Acres 301.78 (plus .37 of easement interest)
Buildings 192
2008/2009 Budget $115,786,604

Lanterman is licensed according to the laws of California and federally certified to provide acute, skilled, and intermediate care. The Center also meets the environmental standards of the California Department of Public Health, and the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) accredits its Community Industries work service program.

Lanterman serves clients who are primarily profoundly or severely developmentally disabled who may also have special physical and behavioral problems.

Referrals for admission are made through the 21 Regional Centers located throughout the State of California.

Last Updated: 5/20/2014