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Parental Fee Program

The Parental Fee Program (PFP) assesses a fee to parents of children under the age of 18 who receive 24-hour out-of-home services purchased with State funds through a regional center.

Parents are required to pay a parental fee based on their ability to pay. The fee is determined using a Parental Fee Schedule established by the Department of Developmental Services under the provisions of Title 17, Subchapter 2, of the California Code of Regulations. The statutory authority for financial responsibility is in the Welfare and Institutions Code, Sections 4677, 4782 and 4784. Legislation was passed in 2009 amending the Parental Fee Schedule and approved changes to the Parental Fee Schedule. These changes include updating the parental fee schedule in accordance with the United States Department of Agriculture’s "Expenditures on Children by Families" and that parents with incomes at or below the Federal Poverty Level will not be liable to pay the parental fee. Fees are scaled to gross annual family income, the number of persons dependent on the income, and the age of the child in placement.

All parental fees collected are remitted to the State Treasury for deposit in the Developmental Disabilities Program Developmental Fund. Fees collected up to the amount that would be assessed using the fee schedule in effect on June 30, 2009, shall be deposited into the Program Development Fund to provide resources needed to initiate new programs, consistent with approved priorities for program development in the state plan. Fees collected using the schedule effective July 1, 2009, that are above the amount that would have been assessed using the fee schedule in effect on June 30, 2009, shall be deposited into the Program Development Fund and shall be available for expenditure by the department to offset General Fund costs.

Parental Fee Program Guide

The Parental Fee Program Guide describes the PFP, appeal process, and includes the parental fee schedule. Available in English | Spanish (PDF)

Parental Fee Program Home Leave Credits (DS 1214)

This form is used by parent(s) of clients to keep track of home leave credits for hours/days spent away from the group home with the parent. Parents must return the completed form by the 18th of each month for credit to the: Department of Developmental Services; Parental Fee Program; P.O. Box 944202; Sacramento, CA 94244-2020. Available in English | Spanish (PDF)

Family Financial Statement (DS 1235)

The Family Financial Statement is used to assess fees paid by parents for minors receiving regional center services. The form requests certain information from both parents and/or domestic partners including gross monthly income. The authority for domestic partners is in the California Family Code, Sections 297-297.5. Available in English | Spanish (PDF)

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