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Regional Center Purchase of Service Data

Welfare & Institutions Code, Section 4519.5, requires DDS and regional centers to annually collaborate to compile data relating to purchase of service authorization, utilization, and expenditure by each regional center with respect to:

  • The age of consumer, categorized by the following:
    • Birth to age two, inclusive,
    • Three to 21, inclusive,
    • Twenty–two and older.
  • Race or ethnicity of the consumer.
  • Primary language spoken by the consumer, and other related details, as feasible.
  • Disability detail.

The data must also include the number and percentage of individuals, categorized by age, race or ethnicity, and disability, who have been determined to be eligible for regional center services but are not receiving purchase of service funds.

Annually, by December 31, each regional center must post their data on their Internet Web site and DDS must post statewide data on its Internet Web site. You may view each regional center's data on its respective Internet Web site by selecting from the list on the left.

Within three months of compiling the data with DDS, each regional center must meet with stakeholders in a public meeting regarding the data. You may view each regional center’s public meeting date(s) and information on its respective Internet Web site by selecting from the list below.

Dates and Information for Regional Centers’ Public Meetings to Discuss Fiscal Year 2012-13 Purchase of Service Data

Last Updated: 3/3/2014