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Regional Resource Development Projects

The Regional Resource Development Project (RRDP) was initially piloted in 1987 and authorized by the Lanterman Developmental Disabilities Services Act in September 2002. At the time, each of the seven developmental centers had an RRDP assigned to assist in activities related to admissions, transition planning, deflection and resource development. In the late 1990's, Stockton and Camarillo Developmental Centers were closed, leaving the Delta and Westlake RRDPs to continue to serve consumers in those geographic areas. In 2008 the Delta and Westlake Regional Projects were closed. In 2011, when Agnews Developmental Center was closed and the land was transferred to the Department of General Services, the Regional Project of the Bay Area (RPBA) was relocated. At this time, the RPBA and the four remaining RRDPs that are attached to an existing developmental center continue to serve consumers throughout California.

The RRDPs are designed to:

  • Assist consumers and their interdisciplinary planning teams with planning and transition from developmental centers to community living alternatives and provide post placement follow up.
  • Assess consumers experiencing difficulty in their community environment and identify possible supports to preserve their community living arrangements.
  • Assist in the transition to, or preservation of, community living arrangements by providing focused training on specific needs to consumers, families, service providers and regional center staff.
  • Communicate with the regional centers regarding the development of the annual Community Placement Plan.

For further information contact your local regional center or the RRDP that serves your area.

If you have any questions, contact the Regional Projects Branch at (916) 654-2244.

Last Updated: 11/9/2011