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Wellness Aging Projects

Central Valley Regional Center
Conference on Aging (96-97)
This project provided a one-day conference, in June 1997, on aging issues related to persons with developmental disabilities.

Golden Gate Regional Center
Protocol for Older Persons with Down Syndrome at Risk for Alzheimer Disease (97-98)
This project is developing standardized guidelines for the evaluation of Alzheimer disease in older persons with Down syndrome.

Kern Regional Center
Survey and Treatment of Osteoporosis in a Community-Based Population (99-00)
This project is developing a screening, diagnosis, and treatment system for osteoporosis to determine whether medical treatment received by consumers in community placement is consistent with the treatment guidelines of osteoporosis in the general population.

North Los Angeles County Regional Center
Aging and Persons with Developmental Disabilities (97-98)
Completed in December 1999, this project provided three full-day workshops on aging issues specific to persons with developmental disabilities.
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