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Wellness Autism Projects

Central Valley Regional Center
Autism: Inter-rater Reliability (04/05)
This project continues the collaboration among six of the Northern California regional centers to provide monthly autism case reviews and discussion.

East Los Angeles Regional Center
Eligibility Project (01/02)
This project developed procedures for the diagnosis and evaluation of autistic spectrum disorders.

North Bay Regional Center
Best Practice Autism Guidelines for Treatment and Intervention (05/06)
This project will develop best practice autism guidelines for treatment and intervention techniques to assist families and regional centers in providing appropriate services.
Collaborative Autism Training & Support (CATS) (04/05)
This project will train professionals to provide services to children diagnosed with autism & their families through a self-sustaining, collaborative program with a replicable curriculum development process that will: document service needs, support consumers and families, and train students, professionals, paraprofessionals, parents and service providers.
Autism Learning Collaborative (03/04)
This project Implemented the ASD Collaborative among Northern California regional centers; facilitate improvements in screening and diagnostic evaluations.

Valley Mountain Regional Center
Training on Best Practice Guidelines for ASD (01/02)
This project trained regional centers on Best Practice Guidelines for Autistic Spectrum Disorders.
The Northern California Autism Collaborative (00/01)
This project was designed to promote clinical excellence in the delivery of interdisciplinary clinical services for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders.
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