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Wellness Health Status Assessment Projects

Alta California Regional Center (ACRC funded)
Whole Person Assessments: Dr. Ruth Ryan and Associates (96-97)
Completed in June 1998, this project established Health Status Reviews for consumers, as part of "hands-on" training for regional center clinical team members.

Central Valley Regional Center (CVRC funded)
Clinic for Rehabilitation/Physical Medicine (94-95)
This project established a clinic that provides assessments for adaptive equipment, evaluations of existing equipment and recommendations for therapy.

Far Northern Regional Center
Specialized Community Health Services (96-97)
This project developed Health Status Assessments for consumers placed into community living arrangements from developmental centers.

Kern Regional Center (KRC funded)
Nursing Assessments (97)
This ongoing project identified health trends and determined the frequency of need for nursing assessments for consumers in the community. It also developed a Nursing Wellness Checklist to serve as a protocol for health status assessments and referral for follow-up services as needed.

Golden Gate Regional Center/
Regional Center of the East Bay / San Andreas Regional Center
Vulnerable Client Medical Exams (96-97)
This project provided physical examinations and record reviews for individuals placed into community living arrangements from developmental centers.

San Gabriel/Pomona Regional Center
Health Status Reviews (96-97)
This project provided nursing assessments for individuals placed into community living arrangements from developmental centers.

Tri-Counties Regional Center
Whole Person Assessment and Treatment (97-98)
This project trained medical providers, mental health professionals, regional center staff and service providers on the process of conducting whole person assessments.

Westside Regional Center
Nursing Support to Community Care Providers and Families (96-97)
This project provided additional nursing support to community care providers and families to coordinate health assessments of consumers.
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