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Inland Regional Center Wellness Project

This is a a Multi-Disciplinary Collaborative Training Series for Direct Care Staff to Reduce Unplanned Hospitalizations will develop and deliver training for direct support professionals to prevent and to decrease unplanned psychiatric hospitalizations.

Training Modules

  1. Value Systems & Cultural Awareness
  2. Mental Health Issues in People with Developmental Disabilities
  3. Psychotropic Medications in Persons with Developmental Disabilities: An Overview for Families and Other Care Providers
  4. The 5150 Process & Definition
  5. Recognizing Behavioral & Situational Antecedents
  6. Facilitator/Mediator Guide

Class Scenarios

Role Plays

  1. "In the Kitchen at Pleasant Life ARF"
  2. "Doing Lunch with Cathy"
  3. "A Friday Evening at Lavender Hill ARF"
  4. "Mid Afternoon Hungry at House of Plenty ARF"
  5. "In the Van at the Mall"
  6. "Nicotine Needs"
  7. "Wednesday Afternoon at Fulfilling Life ARF"
  8. "You Might Have Mail"
  9. "Dirty Laundry"
  10. "Remotely Upset"
  11. "Sweeping Issues"

Making a New Start: Its Never Too Late

  1. Making a New Start: Its Never Too Late
  2. Additional Thoughts on Making a Genuine Connection

Facilitator Guide

Managing Crisis Situations in the Home & Community: Curriculum & Instructor's Curriculum Guide (PDF)

Last Updated: 1/18/2011