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Wellness Medication Projects

Golden Gate Regional Center
Medication Monitoring (96-97)
This project reviewed the medication regimens of 81 consumers using a special protocol to monitor the side effects and long term usage of seizure control and behavior modification medications.

Regional Center of the East Bay
Medication Management Training for Care Providers (97-98)
This project provided four training sessions to care providers in medication management techniques.
Medication Management Training (96-97)
This project completed eight medication management trainings for care providers in four regional center catchment areas. A total of 21 regional center staff, 72 service providers and 234 care providers received the training. Each training consisted of two, six-hour training sessions.

Regional Center of Orange County
Medication Reviews (96-97)
This project reviewed the regimens of 33 consumers to ensure the appropriate prescription and monitoring of multiple medications.

San Diego Regional Center
Improved Psychotropic Medication Monitoring (96-97)
This project developed and implemented a medication monitoring review system. The review included assessment of the frequency and type of utilization of psychoactive medications.

San Gabriel/Pomona Regional Center
University of California, Irvine (Central Valley Regional Center as fiscal agent)
Medication Management: The Shared Responsibility Model (97-98)
This project developed statewide guidelines on medication management. Anticipated completion date is June 2000. Two trainings will be given on the protocol, one in Southern California and one in Northern California.
Medication Reviews (96-97)
This project conducted reviews of 85 consumers' medication regimens to ensure the appropriate prescription and monitoring of psychotropic medications.

Valley Mountain Regional Center
Medication Problems and Emergency Department Visits: A Solution to this Problem (99-00)
This project will develop a risk assessment profile to identify consumers who are at high risk for medication related problems. Individualized instruction for consumers and care providers will be provided to decrease emergency department visits secondary to medication related issues.

Westside Regional Center
Medication Reviews (96-97)
This project employed the services of a pharmacist to review medication regimens of 162 consumers. A comprehensive summary sheet for the reviews was developed and recommendations were made to the primary care physicians.
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