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Wellness Mental Health Projects

Central Valley Regional Center
Residential Treatment Program for Adolescents with Dual Diagnosis (00/01)
This project funded a planning grant to develop a specialized intensive residential treatment facility for adolescents with dual diagnosis.
Statewide Mental Health Training (98-99)
This project will contract with psychiatrist Dr. Ruth Ryan to provide training to regional center and county mental health agency directors and managers on whole person assessment techniques. The training includes positive behavioral supports with an emphasis on inter-agency collaboration.

Golden Gate Regional Center
Anchor Project (97-98)
This project developed a treatment program for "high risk", dually diagnosed consumers to reduce the inappropriate use of acute psychiatric services.

Inland Regional Center
Training Psychiatrists in Mental Health Care for Persons with Developmental Disabilities (00/01)
This project was designed to increase the comprehensive and successful treatment of persons with co-occurring mental illness and developmental disabilities for mental health professionals in San Bernardino county.
Promoting Positive Mental Health Through Counseling Services (99-00)
This project will provide individualized and group counseling services for individual consumers referred through the Clinical Team to determine the effectiveness of these methodologies and to encourage the development of such services within the community for persons with developmental disabilities.

North Bay Regional Center
Cooperative Mental Health Assessments for the Dually-Diagnosed Consumer (99-00)
The goal of this project is to improve access to mental health services for dually-diagnosed consumers by utilizing a cooperative team assessment approach.
Development of Community Psychiatric Treatment Resources (98-99)
This project will utilize a train-the-trainer model to provide training for psychiatrists and clinical staff on issues related to developmental disabilities and the development of specialized treatment and consultation teams.

Redwood Coast Regional Center
Team Crisis Response in a Rural County (00/01)
This project established a multi-disciplinary team for assessment and crisis intervention utilizing Mendocino County Sheriff's Department as lead staff in working with individuals with developmental disabilities and mental illness who require law enforcement response. On-call protocol for law enforcement officers was developed.
Project Incorporation: Individuals with Developmental Disabilities Getting Care (98-99)
This project will enhance services to consumers through:
  • Training for service providers on treatment, cultural, behavioral and substance abuse issues.
  • Clinical consultations for mental health, acute care, emergency care, and day treatment and residential care providers.
  • Direct services for consumers.
  • Surveys, small focus group discussions and interviews with project participants.
Regional Center of Orange County
South Coast Children's Society's Mental Health Project (00/01)
This project developed two residential six-bed homes for adolescents with developmental disabilities and mental illness or severe behavioral issues.

San Andreas Regional Center
Partnership of San Andreas Regional Center and Natividad Medical Center (98-99)
This project will create a "one-stop shop" for families dealing with complex issues and multiple agencies. Elements of this project include the development of a protocol for consistent assessment and treatment, training for Ph.D. interns on the implementation of treatment plans, and an expansion of treatment and follow-up services for consumers.
Enhanced Psychiatric Services (96-97)
This project served dually diagnosed consumers by providing medication reviews and psychiatric interventions.

San Gabriel/Pomona Regional Center
A Multidisciplinary Model to Prevent Psychiatric Hospitalization (03/04)
This project developed tools for the identification of consumers at risk for psychiatric hospitalization, behavioral crisis, and medication mismanagement. This project also developed a clinical model for intervention.
Multi-Disciplinary Evaluation and Support Team (96-97)
This project established a Behavior Intervention and Training (BIT) Team to provide assessment, intervention, and preventative services to consumers at risk of losing their preferred living situation. Training for care providers and an after-hours response system are also components of this project. Additionally, a Memorandum of Understanding with Los Angeles County Mental Health and seven Los Angeles area regional centers has been established.

San Diego Regional Center
Comprehensive Mental Health Services (99-00)
This project will create residential treatment resources and intensive, multi-disciplinary team intervention services for dually-diagnosed adolescents.
Improve Mental Health Services for Children and Adolescents (97-98)
This project provided training to mental health professionals in understanding and assisting children and adolescent consumers who are dually diagnosed.

South Central Los Angeles County Regional Center
Promoting Positive Mental Health and Well-Being Through Teaching Personal Safety (97-98)
This project provided personal safety training to women who have been victims of partner violence, interpersonal violence and sexual violence.

Valley Mountain Regional Center
Multi-Agency Crisis Intervention with Young Adults and Minors (00/01)
This project developed a multi-agency coordinated crisis response system for dually diagnosed minors and / or young adults who are at risk for psychiatric hospitalization due to being a danger to self or others.
Parents, Educators and Administrators Collaborating Effectively (PEACE) (99-00)
This project will develop a curriculum to prevent the destabilization and promote the mental health of families with children who are participating in intensive early autism treatment programs.
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