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Wellness Regional Center Projects

Select from the following to find out more about specific regional center projects:

Regional Centers Projects
Alta California Regional Center

Web Site: www.altaregional.org
  • Whole Person Assessments
  • Preventative Dental Systems
  • Dental Equipment
  • Dental Screening
  • Positive Behavior Support Training
  • Health Education Awareness Tool
Central Valley Regional Center

Web site: www.cvrc.org
  • Autism
  • Conference on Aging
  • Clinic for Rehabilitation / Physical Medicine
  • Health and Fitness
  • Improving Oral Health Through a Community-Based Dental Program
  • Statewide Mental Health Training
  • Wellness Education for Consumers
  • Women's Health
Eastern Los Angeles Regional Center

Web site: www.elarc.org
  • Autism
  • Enhanced Medical Expertise and Services
  • Training Curriculum for Physicians
Far Northern Regional Center

Web site: www.farnorthernrc.org
  • Dental Project
  • Expanded Health Services for Women
  • Specialized Community Health Services
  • Self-Advocacy and Consumer Health and Wellness Program
  • Telemedicine Project
  • Adopt-A-Home Preventive Dentistry
Frank D. Lanterman Regional Center

Web site: www.lanterman.org
  • Health and Fitness
  • Physician Education Demonstration Project, and Nursing Care Guidelines
  • Managed Care for Persons with Developmental Disabilities
  • Abilities: Sexual Exploitation and Abuse Prevention
  • Lanterman-UCLA Peer Advocacy for the Reproductive Health of Women with Developmental Disabilities
  • Training
Golden Gate Regional Center

Web site: www.ggrc.org
  • Anchor Project
  • Educational Materials for Primary Care Physicians
  • Medication Monitoring
  • Protocol for Older Persons with Down Syndrome at Risk for Alzheimer Disease
  • Resource Development
  • Vulnerable Client Medical Exams
Harbor Regional Center

Web site: www.harborrc.org
  • Health and Fitness
  • Physician Symposium Materials
  • Training
Inland Regional Center

Web site: www.inlandrc.org
  • Oral Health
  • Promoting Positive Mental Health Through Counseling Services
  • Training
Kern Regional Center

Web site: www.kernrc.org
  • Nursing Assessments
  • Telemedicine Project
  • Telemedicine Feeding Clinics
  • Survey and Treatment of Osteoporosis in a Community-Based Population
North Bay Regional Center

Web site: www.nbrc.net
  • Autism
  • Cooperative Mental Health Assessments for the Dually-Diagnosed Consumer
  • Development of Community Psychiatric Treatment Resources
  • Family Support
  • Forensic
  • Improving Oral Health Through a Community-Based Dental Program
  • Interdisciplinary Feeding Clinic Training
  • Resource Development
  • Vulnerable Client Medical Exams
North Los Angeles County Regional Center

Web site: www.nlacrc.org
  • Aging and Persons with Developmental Disabilities
  • Dental Care Awareness
Redwood Coast Regional Center

Web site: www.redwoodcoastrc.org
  • Family Support
  • Enhanced Access to Women's Health Services for Individuals Unable to Cooperate for Exams
  • Enhanced Medical and Dental Services
  • A Model for Prevention of Sexual Abuse & Treatment of Sex Offender Behavior
  • Community-Based Hospital Dentistry
  • Pyramid Training and Adopt-a-Home Program for Dental Hygiene Programs
  • Video Teleconferencing System
  • Two Strategies for Enhancing Dental Health: The Adopt-A-Home Program and Telemedicine Tools for Dentistry
  • Project Incorporation: Individuals with Developmental Disabilities Getting Care
  • Implementing a Model of Sexual Victimization Prevention for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities
Regional Center of the East Bay

Web site: www.rceb.org
  • Community-Based Oral Health System to Increase Access to Local Dentists and Improve Prevention Activities
  • Development and Outcomes Assessment Multi-Disciplinary Team
  • Health and Fitness
  • Increasing Access to Women's Health Services for Women with Developmental Disabilities
  • Medication Management Training
  • Medication Management Training for Care Providers
  • Resource Development
  • Vulnerable Client Medical Exams
Regional Center of Orange County

Web site: www.rcocdd.com
  • Medication Reviews
  • Best Practice Guideline for Behavioral Psychology
San Andreas Regional Center

Web site: www.sarc.org
  • Health and Fitness
  • Enhanced Psychiatric Services
  • Oral Health: A Community-Based Dental Program
  • Partnership of San Andreas Regional Center and Natividad Medical Center
  • Resource Development
  • Training
  • Vulnerable Client Medical Exams
San Diego Regional Center

Web site: www.sdrc.org
  • Comprehensive Mental Health Services
  • Education Program on Managed Care, and Safety Training and Awareness for Parents with Developmental Disabilities
  • Family Support
  • Health and Fitness
  • Improve Mental Health Services for Children and Adolescents
  • Improved Psychotropic Medication Monitoring
  • Improving the Dental Health of Persons with Developmental Disabilities
  • Oral Hygiene Training
  • Resource Development
  • Substance Abuse
  • Training
  • Use of Teleconference Equipment to Improve Services to Regional Center Consumers and Families
San Gabriel/Pomona Regional Center

Web site: www.sgprc.org
  • Health and Fitness
  • Health Status Reviews
  • Health Issues Seminars
  • Multi-Disciplinary Evaluation and Support Team
  • Medication Reviews
  • Resource Development
  • Training
  • Training for Health Care Professionals
South Central Los Angeles Regional Center

Web site: www.sclarc.org
  • Nutrition Wellness in Residential Placement
  • Health Training for Consumers and Providers
  • Promoting Positive Mental Health and Well-Being Through Teaching Personal Safety
  • Dental Wellness
Tri-Counties Regional Center

Web site: www.tri-counties.org/tcrc4
  • Dental Wellness
  • Health and Fitness
  • Safe and Strong: Strategies for Personal Safety
  • Training
  • Whole Person Assessment and Treatment
Valley Mountain Regional Center

Web site: www.vmrc.net
  • Autism
  • Clinical Video Consulting
  • Family Support
  • Medication Problems and Emergency Department Visits: A Solution to this Problem
  • Parents, Educators and Administrators Collaborating Effectively (PEACE)
  • Training
Westside Regional Center

Web site: www.westsiderc.org
  • Dental Care
  • Gynecological Services
  • Health and Fitness
  • Managing Long-Term Dental Outcomes in the Developmentally Disabled
  • Medication Reviews
  • Nursing Support to Community Care Providers and Families
  • Training
Last Updated: 10/23/2007