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Wellness Resource Development Projects

Golden Gate Regional Center
Intensive Multi-Disciplinary Clinical Services (01/02)
This project was designed to develop a comprehensive multi-disciplinary clinical team approach that assesses, treats, and prevents hospitalization and tracks coping skills.

North Bay Regional Center
Transdisciplinary Training for Psychiatric Treatment Resources (01/02)
This project was designed to create a specialized mental health/developmental disability program design for a mental health rehabilitation center.

Regional Center of East Bay
Enhancing Wellness Through Adult Day Services & Health Education (04/05)
This project was designed as a collaborative effort between Regional Center of the East Bay & Adult Day Services Network of Alameda County to enroll 30 consumers into day services centers and provide on-site nurse educator training to 10 residential care facilities.

San Andreas Regional Center
Children's Shelter Training & Emergency Foster Care (01/02)
This program was designed to find, train, and support potential foster families for children in shelter. This project also provided training to shelter staff on developmental disabilities.

San Diego Regional Center
Serving the Difficult to Serve (05/06)
This project will involve working with all of the regional centers in the identification and coordination of resources to meet the needs of consumers who are currently at risk of placement in the state developmental centers due to the lack of community resources that can appropriately meet their needs.

San Gabriel/Pomona Regional Center
Social Rehabilitation Facilities (00/01)
This project was designed to develop two homes for children and two homes for young adults with developmental disabilities who have co-existing psychiatric conditions.
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