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Wellness Risk Management Projects

Central Valley Regional Center
A Plan of action to reduce health risks in medication management and medical care management for persons with developmental disabilities in community residential care (04/05)
This project is designed to provide a comprehensive approach that includes a collaborative model of intervention among residential providers, regulatory agencies, medical care providers and case management coordinators. The goal is to design recommendations from a health and safety perspective that are practical. The focus is on medication management and medical care consultations.

Far Northern Regional Center
Reducing Risks Through Education (03/04)
This project was designed to improve completeness of SIRs; identify trends; and develop & implement strategies to reduce incidents. Trainings were held on topics that included: aging issues, respiratory illness prevention, mental illness and psychotropic medication side effects.

Kern Regional Center
Developing a Risk Mitigation Plan (03/04)
This project was designed to educate & train consumers, families, and vendors on current risks associated with aging and respiratory illness. Staff trainings were also conducted.

North Bay Regional Center
Mortality and Risk Mitigation of Consumers Living in Independent or Supported Living (03/04)
This project was designed to create a model information and training program to reduce mortality and health and safety risks; the project was also designed to create a model quality management and improvement system that would support the duplication of the project to other RCs.

Tri-Counties Regional Center
Improving Consumer Health & Safety Through Continuous Quality Improvement Develop a model Risk Management and Mitigation (03/04)
This project was designed to gather, report, and analyze information, formulate and implement effective interventions in a timely fashion in support of a pro-active approach to risk mitigation.

Valley Mountain Regional Center
Special Incident Report Review (03/04)
This project was designed to extract data from 7,000 health-related Special Incident Reports (SIRs) collected over a five year period to identify which incidents held significant predictive value, in order to efficiently deploy resources to provide maximum benefit to consumers. In addition, information from supplemental materials including emergency room reports and hospital records was included.
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