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Risk Management Training Manual


The Risk Management Training Manual is the outcome of a collaborative effort by California's Department of Developmental Services and The Columbus Organization. It is one of many initiatives undertaken to enhance risk management for consumers with developmental disabilities receiving services and supports in the community. The input and experience contributed by regional centers, medical schools, and many other stakeholders over the years have proven most beneficial to this endeavor.

The manual has been designed as a tool for regional centers to utilize in their staff development and quality assurance efforts. Regional centers can utilize the training modules for their own staff or as training opportunities for their vendors.

Options for Using the Material in this Manual:

This manual is comprised of six training modules, each targeting a key aspect of risk management. The material in this manual can be used in various ways. The manual in its entirety can be used as a comprehensive curriculum in risk management. In addition, each module can be presented as a stand-alone course. The handouts, including sample assessment inventories and checklists, can be shared with staff to enhance their day to day work in planning and coordination of services.

All of the materials in this manual can be tailored to any regional center's particular needs. The instruments, forms, or tools incorporated in the modules are not mandated for use by any regional center. They have, however, proven useful to many people in service coordination, quality assurance, and staff development roles. Feel free to use them and make them your own.

The Risk Management Training Manual is available as both an Adobe Acrobat PDF document which can be viewed and printed by module and as MS Word and PowerPoint files which can be downloaded and saved by individual section.

For more information on the Risk Management Training Manual, send an e-mail to jfletche@dds.ca.gov, Chief, Health and Wellness Section, or contact her at (916) 654-2133.

Last Updated: 10/23/2007