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Wellness Training Projects

Frank D. Lanterman Regional Center
The RN Train the Trainer "Head-to-Toe Assessment" (00/01)
This project developed a implemented a "Train the Trainer" course for RNs using basic health and illness concepts.

Harbor Regional Center
Medical Training & Support: Improving Lives of Clients in Supported Living (01/02)
This project was designed to increase awareness and ability to follow medication regimen for consumers on medication and living independently.

Inland Regional Center
Dual Diagnosis Staff Development (00/01)
This project was designed to provide interagency staff development and the development of a technology-based, communication system through video-conferencing and a shared, confidential, client-based management system.
Training Psychiatrist in Mental Health Care for Persons with Developmental Disabilities (00/01)
This project was designed to increase the comprehensive and successful treatment of persons with co-occurring mental illness and developmental disabilities.

San Andreas Regional Center
Children's Shelter Training & Emergency Foster Care (01/02)
This project was designed to find, train, and support potential foster families for children in shelter. The project was also designed to provide training to shelter staff on developmental disabilities.
Substance Abuse Workshop (01/02)
This project was designed to establish an interagency task force for the purpose of providing two workshops; one workshop for service coordinators on recognizing the signs and symptoms of substance abuse and one workshop for training substance abuse counselors and mental health professionals on effective treatment approaches for the developmentally disabled population.
Sexuality Training & Counseling Consumers and Families (01/02)
This project was designed to educate parents/consumers about sexuality and social sexual issues. The project was also designed to train mental health crisis professionals about sexual assault and PTSD and persons with developmental disabilities.

San Diego Regional Center
Clinical Insights (00/01)
This project was designed to provide a series of six training sessions and develop web site material on clinical issues in the diagnosis and treatment of persons with developmental disabilities and mental illness.

San Gabriel/Pomona Regional Center
Photographic Screening Tool for Developmental Delay (00/01)
This project was designed to develop and implement a digital photographic screening protocol to aid in early diagnosis and management of genetic syndromes related to developmental disabilities.

Tri-Counties Regional Center
"Train-the-Trainer" courses on Aging with a Developmental Disability (00/01)
This project developed "Train the Trainer" course to develop local and internal expertise on aging and developmental disabilities.

Valley Mountain Regional Center
Tobacco Free: A Tobacco Cessation Curriculum (05/06)
This project is designed to determine tobacco use rates in our population and develop educational material for consumers, and care providers to support cessation efforts.

Westside Regional Center
Health and Fitness Lifestyle (04/05)
This project is designed to enroll consumers identified through the Diabetes Identification & Assessment Project in the Lifestyle Change Program, which is designed to promote weight loss, increase physical activity, & decrease the risks of diabetes and complications. This project is designed to identify all consumers within the study population receiving anti-psychotic medications & ascertain if appropriate weight gain and diabetes screening is occurring.
Diabetes Management and Prevention for Consumers Living Semi-Independently (03/04)
This project was designed to identify consumers with or at risk for diabetes; determine treatment compliance and access to appropriate medical care, suggest improvements when necessary and measure the change in and improve as necessary; measure the change in treatment compliance, health improvement and access to comprehensive care; create a health care booklet, resource guide, and CD-Rom for consumers, families, and support staff.
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