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Wellness Training Projects For Consumers & Service Providers

Central Valley Regional Center/Kern Regional Center
Wellness Education for Consumers (97-98)
This project will produce a series of educational videos on health topics to be made available to consumer self-advocacy and empowerment groups.

Far Northern Regional Center
Self-Advocacy and Consumer Health and Wellness Program (97-98)
This project's goal is to increase self-advocacy and to empower individual consumers and their families to effectively manage their health needs through peer training and use of a Health Check List.

Frank D. Lanterman Regional Center
Managed Care Guide for Persons with Developmental Disabilities (96-97)
This project developed a Managed Care Guide to assist consumers and their families in selecting a health plan as well as teach them self-advocacy strategies in accessing health care.

Redwood Coast Regional Center/Far Northern Regional Center / Valley Mountain Regional Center / Regional Center of the East Bay
Creating a Model of Sexual Victimization Prevention and Treatment of Sex Offender Behavior in Individuals with Developmental Disabilities (97-98)
This project formed a collaboration among four regional centers to develop and implement a treatment paradigm and training program for the prevention of sexual victimization.

San Diego Regional Center
Safety Training and Awareness for Parents with Developmental Disabilities (97-98)
This project will train consumers with children on parenting and health issues.
Education Program on Managed Care (96-97)
This project trained consumers, families and care providers on managed care and health plan options to assist them in selecting the health care plan best matched to individual consumer needs.

San Gabriel/Pomona Regional Center
Health Issues Seminars (96-97)
This project sponsored a series of seminars on health related issues for consumers, family members, service providers and volunteers.

South Central Los Angeles Regional Center
Health Training for Consumers and Providers (96-97)
This project developed and implemented training modules on basic health care to increase the knowledge of consumers and providers. These were developed in two different languages.
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