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Wellness Women's Health Projects

Central Valley Regional Center
Women's Health (99-00)
This project will provide ongoing screening and follow-up treatment services for female consumers through a collaborative partnership with established community clinics.

Far Northern Regional Center
Expanded Health Services For Women (97-98)
This project includes the following:
  • Monthly clinics for women with disabilities at the Shasta Women's Health Center.
  • A consumer education and examination desensitization component.
  • Development and implementation of a training curriculum for care providers and community health care providers.
  • Telemedicine/teleconferencing capabilities.
Frank D. Lanterman Regional Center
Lanterman-UCLA Peer Advocacy for the Reproductive Health of Women with Developmental Disabilities (99-00)
The goal of this project is to improve the reproductive health of women with developmental disabilities through a three-pronged training approach that includes peer advocacy training, reproductive health and self-advocacy training, and health care provider training.

Redwood Coast Regional Center
Enhanced Access to Women's Health Services For Individuals Unable to Cooperate for Exams (97-98)
This project identified women who had not received proper health care because of behavioral issues. Training and education was given for health providers, office staff, parents and care providers to support these women in receiving needed services in their health care providers' offices.

Regional Center of the East Bay
Women's Health (99-00)
This project will provide specialized training and wheelchair accessible examination tables for local health providers who agree to provide gynecological care for female consumers. Training and individualized support services will also be provided to consumers, their families, and care providers.

Westside Regional Center
Gynecological Services (96-97)
This project provided gynecological services for adolescent and adult women. It included supports for women with behavioral issues and other women's general health related difficulties.
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