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What's New

Emergency Regulations (06/09/16)
DDS proposed to adopt emergency regulations pertaining to the enactment of the End of Life Option Act.

Competitive, Integrated Employment — Consumer Success Stories (05/25/16)
Stories highlighting individuals, and the steps they took to successfully achieve competitive, integrated employment.

Survey to Determine Provider Rate Increases — Updated (05/19/16)
The Department is still accepting vendor cost surveys needed to calculate rate increases.

Budget Highlights (05/19/16)
2016 May Revision Highlights for the Department of Developmental Services.

Governor's Letter on Drowning Prevention (05/18/16)
With the approach of summer weather and the swimming season, Governor Brown issued his support of Drowning Prevention. Drowning is the leading cause of injury-related deaths among children ages five and under. The Governor urges all Californians to enjoy activities but remain vigilant around babies and toddlers, and swimmers of all ages.

DDS Fact Book - Thirteenth Edition (05/09/16)
The DDS Fact Book offers a look at the demographics and characteristics of individuals served by DDS.

Plan for the Closure of Fairview Developmental Center (FDC) and Porterville Developmental Center General Treatment Area (PDC GTA) (04/01/16)
The Closure Plan identifies important considerations and the key strategies and activities the Department will undertake to achieve the safe and successful closures of FDC and the PDC GTA.

Regional Center Purchase of Service Data (12/31/15)
DDS and regional centers are to annually collaborate to compile data relating to purchase of service authorization, utilization, and expenditure by each regional center.