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Emergency Regulations

Medicaid Integrity/Vendorization Regulations
(Emergency And Regular Rulemakaing)

Description: The Department of Developmental Services proposes to amend Title 17, California Code of Regulations, Division 2, Chapter 3, sections 54302, 54310, 54314, 54320, 54326, 54336, 54370, and to add section 54311, in order to implement Trailer Bill SB 74 (Chapter 9, Statutes of 2011) requiring vendors to submit specified ownership information and the review of additional vendor eligibility requirements by regional centers.

Affected Regulatory Code Sections: Title 17, California Code of Regulations, sections 54302, 54310, 54314, 54320, 54326, 54332, 54370, new section 54311.

Status: The regulatory actions for the regular rulemaking are completed.

Regulatory Action Approved and Regulations effective on 4/02/2013
Certificate of Compliance Documents submitted to OAL 2/15/2013
End of 15-day Public Comment 12/14/2012
Notice of Modification of the Text of the Proposed Regulations 11/30/2012
Notice of Proposed Rulemaking 3/23/2012
Effective Date of Emergency Regulations 12/27/2011
Emergency Regulations Submitted to OAL 12/16/2011
Notice of Proposed Emergency Rulemaking 11/22/2011

Availability of rulemaking documents or questions: Please contact Jeffrey Greer at (916) 654-2201 or jeff.greer@dds.ca.gov.

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Last Updated: 11/7/2013