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Safety Net Stakeholder Meetings

In January and February 2017, the Department of Developmental Services (Department) held three stakeholder meetings throughout the state in support of the work of the California Health and Human Services Agency's Developmental Services Task Force Safety Net Workgroup. Participants in the stakeholder meetings were asked to consider the definition of "safety net" and what it means for serving consumers with challenging needs. The meetings occurred in Napa, Fresno, and Costa Mesa, and participants included consumers, family members, advocates, service providers, clinical staff, housing representatives, regional center staff, practitioners in psychiatric and behavioral services, university representatives and staff from various state agencies. This document contains a consolidated summary of themes and suggestions, categorized by topics, based on the work of the stakeholders at each regional meeting.

The information that was generated from these stakeholder meetings, including the subsequent comments received, will guide the Department's efforts to address important safety net issues and improve community services. Additionally, it will inform the Department's report that is due to the Legislature with the 2017 May Revision pursuant to Welfare and Institutions Code section 4474.15(a).

If you would like to provide feedback and/or share additional comments, please email them to Charlotte Phillips at charlotte.phillips@dds.ca.gov. We ask that all comments be received by close of business on Friday, March 31, 2017.

Last Updated: 3/17/2017