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The California State Budget - 2009-2010

The following is an overview of the DDS Budget for 2009-2010 which was signed by the Governor on July 28, 2009.

Developmental Services

“Every area of state government is impacted by the State’s unprecedented budget shortfall, including the Department of Developmental Services. The Department’s 2009/10 budget includes reductions of $384 million in General Fund, leaving $4.7 billion in resources available for services to the over 240,000 individuals served by the Department. The Department, with input from various stakeholder groups, developed and submitted to the Legislature two sets of savings proposals. At the request of the Legislature, the first set of proposals was submitted in April 2009 to achieve a General Fund savings target in the Community Service Program of $100 million. The second set of proposals was submitted in June 2009 to achieve an additional General Fund savings for the statewide developmental services system of $234 million. A summary of these proposals can be found at DDS Summary of Budget Reductions. Further, the Governor, through his veto authority, reduced the Department’s budget by $50 million for services provided to children up to age 5, as these services are eligible for funding from the California Children and Families Commission (Commission). The Department, working with the Health and Human Services Agency and the Department of Finance, will immediately request funding from the Commission. No change in eligibility or services for these children will be pursued to achieve these savings.”

Governor's Veto Message

"SEC. 18.30—I am reducing the item of General Fund appropriation in subdivision (a) of this section by $50,000,000 as opposed to approving the item as presented without reduction. Thus, I am increasing the reduction in subdivision (a) from $214,828,000 to $264,828,000.

I am reducing Regional Center Purchase of Services by $50,000,000 for services to children up to age five, as these services are due to program growth and thus eligible for funding from the California Children and Families Commission. I am directing the Secretary for the Health and Human Services Agency, the Department of Developmental Services, and the Department of Finance to immediately request funds from the Commission for this purpose.

I do not intend to pursue separate legislation changing eligibility or services for these children for purposes of achieving these savings. I urge the Commission to provide supplemental funding for the growth in these services."

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