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Small Business and Disabled Veterans Business Enterprise Advocates

Small Business and Disabled Veterans Business Enterprise Advocates for the Department of Developmental Services:

DDS Headquarters

Karen Russ
Customer Support Section
(916) 653-0743
E-mail: karen.russ@dds.ca.gov

Canyon Springs Community Facility

Victor Ontiveros
Business Manager
(760) 770-6248
E-mail: victor.ontiveros@cs.dds.ca.gov

Leslie Berkey
Procurement & Services Officer I
(760) 770-6242
E-mail: leslie.berkey@cs.dds.ca.gov

Fairview Developmental Center

Jessica Cornelia
Fiscal Officer
(714) 957-5148
E-mail: jessica.cornelia2@fdc.dds.ca.gov

Porterville Developmental Center

Kristal Estrada
Accounting Officer (Supervisor)
(559) 782-2889
E-mail: kristal.cole@pdc.dds.ca.gov

Sonoma Developmental Center

Donna Bacich
Fiscal Officer
(707) 938-6416
E-mail: Donna.bacich@sonoma.dds.ca.gov

We also encourage small businesses to visit the Department of General Services, Small Business and Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise Services website for updates on small business information and opportunities.

Last Updated: 3/21/2018