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Making My Own Choice Transition

Making My Own Choice-Transition

The Choices Project is a specially designed tool that was developed for use during a Developmental Center closure to help residents communicate what is important to them about their home and leisure time activities. The information may be included in their transition plans.

Making My Own Choice Videos (DDS YouTube Channel)

Video 1: Making My Own Choices – Billy and Brian Living with a Family
This in an example of a Family Teaching home. This is a home where people learn independent living skills where they are included in a small family setting.

Video 2: Making My Own Choices – Tony's Apartment
This person has their own place with supports coming in to their home.

Video 3: Making My Own Choices – Kyle's Own Room in a Group Home
This is an example of a care home setting where a person may have a roommate or have their own room.

Video 4: Making My Own Choices – Elizabeth's Shared Room
This is an example of a home for people with special healthcare needs.

Last Updated: 3/2/2018