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Think, Plan, Do Publication

Leadership Through Personal Change: Think - Plan - Do

This guide is to help people with developmental disabilities to have self-determined lives. To learn simple ways, using supports, everyone can participate in directing their futures.

Strategy for Support

THINK, Image of Man with a Idea

Think-Plan-Do is the way the Consumer Advisory Committee uses to identify leadership goals and carry out plans for everyday life.

The guides and stories on video are divided into four areas. Under each area are stories to assist you with your goals. There are 15 topics. These guides help you to use Think-Plan-Do: How to think about what you want, create a plan to get there, and take action to be successful.

Planning and Decision Making

PLAN, Image of Chart with red checks next to the numbers

Taking Care of Yourself

        DO, Image of three steps with a trophy at the top

Listening and Speaking

Making Goals Happen

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If you have any questions concerning the guides and videos, please contact the Office of Human Rights and Advocacy at (916) 654-1888 or TTY (916) 654-2054.

Last Updated: 3/2/2018