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Video #4: The Magnet

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Video #4: The Magnet

I am sure you learned something new from completing the worksheet.

The worksheet helps us think about what we need and who we can depend on when an emergency or disaster happens.

Now, we will work on the magnet.

The magnet is very important.

It is information posted on your refrigerator that tells people how to help you and who to contact if there was an emergency.

First responders, the people who arrive at your home to help you, relying on this information, even though they may be strangers, and you do not know them, their job is to come into a person's home and help people who are hurt, injured or not safe during an emergency.

Using our Feeling Safe, Being Safe kit, there are certain things that we can do that are gonna warn us when we arrive and see the magnet on the refrigerator that says, "This is who I am.

These are the medications I take.

And these are very important things that you need to know about me."

For instance, "I am deaf.

I only use American sign language.

I don't need to be overwhelmed by 10 people walking into my house with all these lights and things flashing because that affects my disability."

(siren wailing)

Let's now fill out your magnet.

Your facilitator will provide you with permanent markers, so that the information on the magnet will not rub off or smear.

Like, Sam, in the video, remember to post the magnet on the refrigerator for all to see.

At the end of this video, please use your worksheet to complete your magnet and the Discussion Questions and Activity.

And then click 5, Emergency Kit.

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