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Nick Hanson

Nick      Hanson

Tracy Defense Distribution CenterForklift Operator

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Nick Hanson's Story

Nick Hanson

Nick's Message for Others -

Have "self-determination"!

Position and Wage

Nick works as a forklift operator at the Tracy Defense Distribution Center, located approximately 65 miles east of San Francisco. Nick helps with packing and shipping materials to American soldiers.

Nick has worked at the distribution center since 2009. As a forklift operator, Nick receives a competitive wage and works 40 hours per week. When asked what Nick likes most about his job, he responded that it is an "easy job to do".

Acquiring Skills

Nick received on-the-job training with the assistance of United Cerebral Palsy to help acquire skills.

Employment Application and Interviewing

A neighbor told Nick about the available position. Nick then completed an on-line application with the assistance of his job coach and family.

Soft Skills

When asked about his greatest soft skill, Nick relayed his greatest skill is being a "team player".

Getting to Work

To ensure he has reliable transportation to and from work, Nick uses his personal vehicle.

Doing the Job/Supports and Services

If Nick has questions or needs additional training, he reaches out to his job coach as well as to experienced employees for help.


Sometimes people have challenges when working that need to be addressed. Nick felt challenged driving the forklift – but his supervisor helped him in meeting this challenge.

Long-Term Goals

Long-term goals can include promoting to a new position that pays more, or learning a different job that is interesting. Nick's goal is to receive a promotional position.

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Last Updated: 3/2/2018