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General Information on State Employment

State Civil Service jobs are generally filled through competitive examinations. Information about the examination is provided by a bulletin. The bulletin includes information such as job title, salary, final filing date, minimum qualifications, and the type of test required. The typical types of tests may include written, interview, skills, (e.g., typing and driving), and physical ability (e.g., swimming, lifting, and running). The whole examination process may take as long as six months or more to complete.

Examinations are given both by the State Personnel Board and by individual departments. The examination announcement will tell you where to apply.

After you pass a State examination, your name will be placed on an eligibility list which is typically active for one to four years. During this time, you may be contacted for an interview for a specific job.

For further information, visit the California Department of Human Resources Website.

Last Updated: 3/2/2018