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Changes to CDER Quarterly Reports

Improvements to the reporting system in July 2002 resulted in the addition of diagnostic and evaluation information on 4,684 active consumers to the existing CDER database. These additional records are included in the September 2002 quarterly reports (i.e., Quarterly Client Characteristics Report and Quarterly Client Characteristics by County of Residence) and all subsequent reports. These records are not included in quarterly reports prior to September 2002.

The data have been improved in two areas:

  1. "Bridge System": The Bridge System is the method whereby individual regional centers (RC) transmit data to the DDS Headquarters' (HQ) main computer system. In July 2002, a programming error was discovered and corrected. This error occurred several years ago and impacted a small percentage of CDER records. Due to the error, some CDER records were not transmitted to the HQ system. However, the error in no way resulted in any loss of services to consumers. This correction resulted in 3,220 active consumer records being added to the CDER reporting archive system.
  2. "Inactive CDER Files": Historically, the DDS policy was to exclude from the CDER reporting database all CDER records that were not current. Currency was defined as records that were either originally submitted or updated within the past three years. In July 2002, DDS changed this policy to include the CDER records of persons who are still being served by DDS, regardless of date of the most recent CDER. Through a data matching procedure, the CDER records of 1,464 active consumers were added to the CDER reporting archive system.
Changes to the CDER Reports and Instruments
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