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2015 Monthly Consumer Caseload Reports

The caseload report is a two page report. The first page depicts the number of consumers by status code being served by each regional center. The second page contains the number of children under age three by the varying status types and regional center.

The source of this report is the Client Master File, the primary source for case status information of persons who have applied for services funded by the Department as well as those actively being served.

Month/Year PDF Word
December 2015 .PDF icon .Docx icon
November 2015 .PDF icon .Docx icon
October 2015 .PDF icon .Docx icon
September 2015 .PDF icon .Docx icon
August 2015 .PDF icon .Docx icon
July 2015 .PDF icon .Docx icon
June 2015 .PDF icon .Docx icon
May 2015 .PDF icon .Docx icon
April 2015 .PDF icon .Docx icon
March 2015 .PDF icon .Docx icon
February 2015 .PDF icon .Docx icon
January 2015 .PDF icon .Docx icon

» Archived Monthly Consumer Caseload Reports

Last Updated: 3/2/2018