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Realizing Potentials

A Collection of Photos at Lanterman Developmental Center
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Every smile, every laugh, every tear, every interaction, and every single breath experience on Lanterman's campus signifies potential. Lanterman's vision is to realize that every person living here has potential - potential to live a fulfilling life, achieving goals, and giving to others.

Unique Individuals - Each person living at Lanterman is a unique individual with a very special personality and all the needs and desires that make life so colorful.

Individuals Facing Challenges - Each person living at Lanterman faces the challenge of living with at least one developmental disability - intellectual disability. Many face more than one. Most must overcome severe medical and behavioral problems, visual and/or hearing impairments, and chronic physical illnesses.

Individuals With a Voice - Person's living at Lanterman are citizens of the State of California and are entitled to the rights and freedoms granted every citizen.

A Clients Rights Advocate provides a voice for clients to ensure that their rights are protected.

Several hundred residents participate in the Client's Self Advocacy Program. They learn their rights and responsibilities, how to advocate, make decisions, and vote.

The Residents Council is an elected body of people who call Lanterman "home." Members are chosen by their peers to represent all who live at Lanterman. The Resident's Council, in existence for over a decade, has recommended changes to Lanterman that have been implemented such as more curb cuts, additional food choices, and the creation of Freedom Park. The Council participates in many community advocacy conferences and workshops.

How does Lanterman Realize Individual's Potential?

Individual Program Plan - A practical strategy used to realize the potential of each person living at Lanterman is the Individual Program Plan. Every year, a client and his or her Interdisciplinary Team meet to discuss past achievements and future goals. Through this interchange of ideas, the team collaborates on potential accomplishments and develops a unique array of experiences and tools necessary to reach them. The interdisciplinary team is comprised of the persons who work with and know the client best. Lanterman is dedicated to providing creative opportunities to meet each clients needs through individualized program planning.

Last Updated: 3/2/2018