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Providing Opportunities

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By providing opportunities to live, learn, work, and play. Lanterman provides the structure and experience for people with developmental disabilities to and achieve their aspirations.

A Caring Community

A most important part of life is whom we share it with. The clients at Lanterman share life with a community of caring individuals.

Friends are important to clients and many clients have long standing friendships with peers and volunteers.

Family Members are encouraged to support their relatives by actively participating in their lives. Parent/family groups for different residences plan activities, parties, and complete special projects. One parent/family group redesigned a dining room as a 50's diner, and one renovated an outdoor patio into a beautiful lush garden setting. The Parents Coordinating Council play a major role in Lanterman's operations. They deal with policy, legislation, and advocacy, as well as major project/fundraising.

Staff serve each person living here with specialized care necessary for developing and maintaining abilities and skills. Highly trained and skilled interdisciplinary team members interact continually with clients to assist in personal and self - care skill development, educational and vocational guidance, and leisure/recreational activity fulfillment.

Volunteers provide an abundant of energy and commitment to involving clients in fun events.

Foster Grandparents and Senior Companions offer people living at Lanterman personal attention and activities while receiving a stipend and an opportunity to provide a valuable service.

Chaplains and volunteers of many faiths nurture the spiritual component of our community by providing opportunities for clients to express their religious views through regular services, weekly Bible studies, and various holiday celebrations and observances on and off campus.

A Normal Environment

Lanterman is a caring and dynamic community built on a beautiful campus with lush greenbelts and majestic, shade and citrus trees, enriched by historic Spanish style tiled roofed buildings.

Specialized Care - Lanterman provides three levels of specialized care; acute hospital, skilled nursing, and intermediate care for individuals with developmental disabilities. Each level of care is licensed by the State and Certified by the Federal Government. Clients who reside at Lanterman are provided 24-hour care by trained professionals because of serious medical conditions, multiple disabilities (such as hearing and visual impairments) and/or social development needs that prevent living in their home communities.

Rehabilitation Engineering - Rehabilitation Engineering designs creative orthopedic wheelchairs and other devices that give many non-ambulatory clients the ability to look at life from an upright position. Rehabilitation Engineering's goal is to help clients become more independent, comfortable, mobile, and interactive.

Medical Ancillary Services provide dentistry, podiatry, respiratory therapy, physical and occupational therapy, laboratory services, radiology, public health, and a full spectrum of special clinics and medical consultants.

Day Programs & Activities - Lanterman's commitment to learning characterizes even the smallest daily routines. Our care professionals guide clients through everyday activities like grooming and dining while encouraging them to make choices and to develop independent living skills. At various centers throughout the campus, people living at Lanterman participate in a broad range of experiences that support each person's preferences and program plan.

Training - Monday through Friday, most of the clients participate in five to six hours of training at a Day Training Center (DTAC) on campus. The Teachers and assistants train students in vocational, communication, and life skills. While sharpening job skills through performing their work, clients earn money for the jobs perform.

Music, Visual, and Sensory Therapy - Music Therapy is an integral part of the client's day. It increases awareness and developmental skills. For some client's who are not medically able to participate in regular training activities, Music, Visual, and Sensory Therapy, provide needed stimulation and socialization.

Employment - At Lanterman, over sixty percent of the client's work and receive wages and Lanterman is always looking for ways to expand vocational opportunities for the clients.

Community Industries - Partnering with community based business and organizations, including Lanterman itself, Community Industries provides clients with purposeful work opportunities. Clients receive wages for a variety of jobs such as, gardening, bottling, packaging, shredding, inspection, sorting, collating and mail delivery on campus. Referred by Regional Centers, people in the surrounding communities who have developmental disabilities may also work for Community Industries.

Community Industries has several specialized programs.

"Greens and Things" - An on campus nursery and garden, 'Greens and Things" is an area for honing gardening skills and is a very popular work assignment. Several times a year the nursery has plant sales where very proud clients display their nurturing abilities.

Recycling - Lanterman's recycling program creates many jobs for the clients while also teaching protection of the environment. Recycling routes for the pick up of cardboard, office paper, newspaper, and aluminum cans have been developed throughout the Center. Clients participate in community services by doing their part to protect our natural resources.

Leisure - Lanterman's leisure activities foster independence through choices and growth. With a variety of daily activities, clients get to choose how to spend their time. New experiences, both in local communities and at Lanterman nurture growth by broadening clients' awareness.

At Lanterman, a visitor might find clients enjoying an ice cream or snow cone social outside at Freedom Park, singing Karaoke, marching or wheeling in the annual Fourth of July Parade, shouting "Bingo", creating art, camping, using exercise equipment, celebrating holiday's, rockin at the Wednesday night dances, bicycling around campus or swimming in a pool accessible to clients with and without wheelchairs. Out and about in the local communities, clients make their way to the movies, plays, concerts, amusement parks, beaches, zoos, museums, bowling alleys and malls.

Rustic Camp - People living at Lanterman get away from the everyday hustle and bustle by spending time outdoors at the nine acre Rustic Camp, nestled away in our tree filled hills. Clients enjoy the barbecue pit, picnic area, and peaceful surroundings.

Richardson Park - An expansive park is located northwest of Residences 31 through 33. Residents, staff, families and friends stroll through the park, picnic on the beautiful grassy areas and enjoy the shade trees. Additionally, a lovely, interactive Sound Garden is located at Richardson Park and allows clients to participate in musical activity with the large outdoor instruments.

Special Olympics - People with disabilities from across the nation engage in competitive sporting activities. Lanterman Developmental Center has participated in Special Olympics since its inception in 1962. Approximately 200 registered athletes participate in track and field events, bowling, bocce, power lifting and gymnastics. With sports at the core, Special Olympics stands as a leader in the field of intellectual disability, enhancing and improving the lives of its athletes, and promoting a better understanding of intellectual disability in the areas of health, education, family support, research and policy change in over 150 countries. Special Olympics offers people with intellectual disabilities everywhere "the chance to play, the chance to compete and the chance to grow".

Senior Program - Lanterman's senior population can participate in a relaxed alternative to day training, and enjoy their mature years engaged in cooking, music, computer classes, memory recollection and arts & crafts. These specially designed senior activities offer maintenance and development of fine and gross motor skills used in senior's everyday lives, as well as, a very social atmosphere. The seniors also participate in frequent trips in the community and boast a travel club.

Organization (or Administration) - Each Developmental Center has an Advisory Board of eight members appointed by the Governor from a list of nominees submitted by the Boards of Supervisors of Counties within each Center's service area. The Advisory Board consists of relatives of persons with disabilities, representatives of professional disciplines and the general public, and a current or former resident of the Developmental Center. The function of the Board is to act in an advisory capacity to the Department, Center, Legislature and Governor.

Executive Team - Under the leadership of the Executive Director, the Executive Team which includes Medical and Nursing staff leads Lanterman in fulfilling its vision of realizing potentials and providing opportunities by developing strategies, creating solutions, and managing resources.

Clinical Services - Manages the residential and training needs of the clients. Services and programs are organized by 2 clinical programs designed to best meet clients behavior and developmental needs.

Administrative and Support Services - Manages the underlying infrastructure including maintaining the campus environment, buildings, food and pharmacy services, staff training, housekeeping, communications, laundry, personnel services, security, client records, trust services, billing, purchasing, accounting, budgeting and transportation.

Conclusion - A variety of people with divergent backgrounds and experiences form the dynamic Lanterman Community. All participants, however, share in a common journey - a journey of living with and overcoming incredible challenges every morning yet learning to enjoy life in unique ways. Those who work here are dedicated to providing creative ways to overcome these challenges so that clients can maximize, learning, working, and playing and enjoy a high quality of life.

Last Updated: 3/2/2018