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Gabriela Maleszewski
Acting Executive Director

P. O. Box 2000
Porterville, CA 93258-2000
Public: (559) 782-2222
TDD: (559) 781-7822

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Program Descriptions

Porterville Developmental Center

Program 1: Acute Medical and Skilled Nursing Services
Program 1 serves individuals from all residential units at Porterville Developmental Center that become ill and require short-term acute or critically ill services. Additionally, Program 1 serves individuals who require significant medical and nursing intervention on a daily basis to sustain, restore, or improve their physical well-being. Those admitted are 18 years of age or older and may be ambulatory or non-ambulatory.

Porterville Developmental Center

Program 5: Life Management Development through Behavior and Social Skills
Program 5 provides services for both male and female individuals 18 years of age or older who may be either ambulatory or non-ambulatory and whose functional level of intellectual disability ranges from profound to mild. Individuals require services and supports to cope more effectively in managing the stress of everyday life and develop social awareness, a sense of responsibility and self-control. Services focus on modifying challenging behaviors by responding to the function or purpose of the behavior with positive approaches via reinforcement, teaching replacement behavior, teaching techniques for self-control or other interventions as needed. Training is provided in activities of daily living, communication, socialization, leisure, vocational, work skills, money management, health care and education. Clients possess various levels of basic self-care and communication skills and the ability to participate in group activities.

Porterville Developmental Center

Program 7: Behavioral, Emotional and Social-Sexual Treatment (Secure Treatment Program)
Program 7 serves individuals in a secure environment who require a highly structured treatment setting. Services are provided for both male and female individuals 18 years of age or older and whose functional level of intellectual disability ranges from moderate to borderline. These individuals have multiple maladaptive behaviors including sexual and/or other criminal offenses, assaults, self-abuse, property destruction, drug abuse and other socially undesirable and antisocial behaviors. The focus of treatment includes restoring individuals to competency based on their admittance to PDC under a Penal Code commitment of 1370.1 for competency training. Services provided include work/life skills, substance abuse training, coping skills, relaxation therapy, individual and group therapy, sex offender relapse training, court competency training, as well as specialized educational and vocational opportunities.

Porterville Developmental Center

Program 8: Social and Life Skills Development for Community Living (Secure Treatment Program)
Program 8 provides services to individuals in a secure setting who may be dually diagnosed, requiring both behavioral and mental health services. The program focus is to alleviate challenging behaviors, increase independence in work, daily living, leisure/socialization skills, community integration, and to develop and/or improve communication skills in preparation for individuals to be successful in a less restrictive environment. The program provides services for modifying challenging behaviors by responding to the function or purpose that a particular behavior serves with positive approaches via reinforcement, replacement behavior, positive alternative behavior, functional equivalents, or other interventions as needed. Training is provided in self-care, communication, socialization, leisure, vocational and work-related skills, as well as educational services for students with special needs through compensatory education sites on campus. Individuals admitted are 18 years of age or older.

Porterville Developmental Center

Central Program Services: Day Treatment Services
Central Program Services provides training to meet the individual's identified needs. Services are provided through a variety of programs designed to increase their level of independence, functioning skills, ability to control their environment, and ability to live in community settings. Services provided include Education Services, Adult Habilitation Services, Employment Services, Court Competency Training, MOVE Program, Speech-Language Pathology Services, Audiology Services, Curriculum Services, Sign Language Interpreter Services, Assistive Technology, Leisure Services, Religious Services, Volunteer Services, two Resource Centers, two snack shops and the Foster Grandparent/Senior Companion program.

Last Updated: 3/2/2018