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Publications and Other Resources

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A Consumer's Guide to the Lanterman Act
This 52-page booklet for adults with developmental disabilities was written with the help of consumers. English | Spanish (PDF)

Active Status Population: Growth Analysis (PDF)
A review of regional center caseload data and what the growth trends imply for future services.

Admission and Community Re-entry Processes at State Residential Facilities (PDF)
A Guide to Statutory Requirements, Judicial Findings (Case Law) and Administrative Procedures in California.

Audits and Other Reports
Fiscal audits, Vendor audits, Biannual Home and Community-Based Services Waiver Program reviews, Biannual Targeted Case Management program and Federal Nursing Home Reform Program reviews, Early Start Program reviews, and Annual Performance reports.

Autistic Spectrum Disorders: Best Practice Guidelines for Screening, Diagnosis and Assessment
This publication provides professionals, policymakers, parents and others with detailed "best practice" recommendations and rationale for screening, evaluating and assessing individuals suspected of having autistic spectrum disorders. These guidelines are the product of nearly a year's work by experts in the field of autistic spectrum disorders and are based on validated scientific evidence, clinical experience and clinical judgment.

Care of Children & Adults with Developmental Disabilities (PDF)
This publication was developed in collaboration with the State Board of Pharmacy. It was designed to assist and optimize communication between lay people and professionals.

Community Conversations with People with developmental disabilities in California (PDF)
Consumers talk about what is important to them. A book developed from conversations with 400 consumers about what choices they make in their life today and what choices they would like to make.

Consumer Complaint & Appeal Processes Manual
This Consumer Complaint and Appeal Processes manual outlines information on DDS consumer complaint processes, along with the appropriate application forms.
English | Spanish (PDF)

Consumers with Communication Challenges (PDF)
Information to help bridge the gap between philosophy and best practices and to assist you and the consumer in developing a person-centered plan. This guide focuses on getting to know the person by improving an ability to understand a consumer with communication challenges and how they communicate.

Crisis Intervention for Persons with Developmental Disabilities
A report on crisis intervention services.

DDS Autism Reports (PDF)
The DDS Autism Reports contain changes in the Population of Persons with Autism and Pervasive Developmental Disorders in California's Developmental Services System.

DDS Fact Books
The DDS Fact Books contains pertinent information about persons served by the department.

Developing Supported Living Services: A Guide to Essentials for Service Agencies and regional centers (PDF)
This handbook is designed for anyone who is interested in learning about the essential ingredients or principles for providing supported living services.

DSPT Survey Report (PDF)
An Analysis of the 2002 Survey of Direct Support Professional Training at California's Regional Occupational Centers and Programs.

DSPT Videos
The Direct Support Professional Training Program Videos are available on the DDS YouTube Channel.

Direct Support Staff Turnover Study
This study is an evaluation of the Impact of Welfare and Institution Code Section 4681.4 (rate increase) on direct support staff turnover in California's community care facilities for people with developmental disabilities.

Early Start Publications
Reports and materials to support a statewide, comprehensive and coordinated system of child find, public awareness and outreach.

2014-2015 Employment and Day Programs Annual Report
The report is developed per policy decision and is critical for the administration of employment and day program services to improve employment outcomes for individuals with developmental disabilities.

Epidemiology Report of Autism in California
The Report to the Legislature by The M.I.N.D. Institute on the Principal Findings from the Epidemiology of Autism in California.

Family Cost Participation Program Guide
This guide describes the Family Cost Particpation Program.
English | Spanish | Chinese | Russian | Tagalog | Vietnamese (PDF)

From Conversations to Actions Using the IPP
This booklet shares the real life stories of how consumers can set their goals and objectives and work through the IPP process to achieve them.

From Process to Action: Making Person-Centered Planning Work
This guide provides a quick look at questions that can help a planning team move the individual program plan from process to action focusing on the person and the person's dreams for a preferred future.
English | Spanish (PDF)

Home and Community-Based Services Waiver for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities Brochure
This brochure provides an overview of the Home and Community-Based Services Waiver.   English | Spanish (PDF)

Home and Community-Based Services Waiver Manual
This manual provides additional information on California's Waiver for individuals with a developmental disability.

How to be Culturally Responsive (PDF)
As we prepare to move the system in the direction that will be focused on a person-centered approach, we will learn how to appropriately respond to people who are influenced greatly by their cultural background that may be different from our own.

I Get to Live My Life (PDF)
Consumers, Service Providers, and Regional Center Staff Talk about Supported Living.

Impact of Legislation on Programs and Services
Legislative summary prepared to identify statutory changes in the Lanterman Developmental Disabilities Services Act that may impact services or programs for persons with developmental disabilities.

Individual Program Plan Resource Manual (English)
This resource manual is designed to facilitate the adoption of the values that lead to person-centered individual program planning. It is intended for use by all those who participate in person-centered planning. It was developed with extensive input from consumers, families, advocates and providers of service and support.

Lanterman Act and Related Laws
The Lanterman Developmental Disabilities Services Act of 1969 defines the rights of persons with developmental disabilities and establishes how these services will be delivered.

Lanterman Act 50th Anniversary Poster
Celebrating 50 Years of Supporting People with Developmental Disabilities in the Community

Looking at Service Quality, Provider's Handbook (PDF)
Looking at Services Quality offers service providers a way to look at their services and to identify opportunities to improve service quality for each individual they support.

Monthly Consumer Caseload Reports
Number of consumers by regional center and status code.

Natural Supports . . . They're All Around You
This guide describes factors to consider when developing a system of support. Natural support is a process that evolves over time creating opportunities for learning and integration. Developing natural supports is a two-way street between community members and the consumer, the possibilities are endless.   English | Spanish (PDF)

Personal Assistance Services Guide (PDF)
A guide to planning, hiring, training, and retaining people who provide personal assistance. All information in the Appendix was printed in its entirety with the permission of the provider of the document.

Person-Centered Planning (PDF)
This publication consists of excerpts taken from the Individual Program Plan Resource Manual to facilitate consumers and his or her family regarding person-centered planning.

Rights of Individuals with Developmental Disabilities Handout
This graphically illustrated handout is available in English and Spanish (combined), Armenian, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Tagalog and Hmong.

Risk Management Training Manual
This manual has been designed as a tool for regional centers to utilize in their staff development and quality assurance efforts in risk management. Regional centers can utilize the training modules for their own staff or as training opportunities for their vendors. The material may also be tailored to meet the specific needs of each regional center.

Service Delivery Reform Report
Draft Service Delivery Reform and Responses.

Speaking for a Better Tomorrow, A Guide to Making an Effective Speech
This guide is to help people with developmental disabilities give a speech about something that will make their life, or the lives of others, better.

Supported Living Services Publications
Supported Living Services Consumer Numbers and Purchase of Service Costs Reports and Other Publications.

Wellness Publications
2001 Wellness Report, Wellness Initiative Fact Sheet, The Road to Wellness, and other Wellness publications.

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Legislative Reports

National Core Indicators (NCI) Adult Consumer Survey Reports
Pursuant to Welfare and Institutions Code Section 4571(h) the Department of Developmental Services (DDS) has posted for public review California’s first statewide data from the National Core Indicators Adult Consumer Survey report on its website. These data are comprised of consumer responses on 93 quality of life and satisfaction questions. The data in the statewide report provides a baseline for measuring how California’s developmental disabilities service delivery system is performing over time. Individual regional center reports will be posted after August 24, 2012.

Evaluation of People with Developmental Disabilities Moving from Developmental Centers into the Community
This report is required by SB 391, Chapter 294, Statutes of 1997, (Welfare and Institutions Code Section 4418.1 (a) through (j)), to provide an annual report that tracks and monitors the quality of life of persons with developmental disabilities who moved from a state developmental center to the community.

Risk Management and Mitigation
This report is required by Section 55 of Assembly Bill 430, Chapter 171, Statutes of 2001, to provide an annual report regarding special incidents involving consumers with developmental disabilities.

Controlling Regional Center Costs (PDF)
This report to the Legislature provides prior and impending cost-containment options for regional centers.

This document is in response to the mandate to issue a report to the Legislature on the status of the self-determination pilot projects.

Crisis Intervention for Persons with Developmental Disabilities
Reports to the Legislature on crisis intervention services.

Developmental Centers Options Report
This report is in response to the requirements of the Legislature as expressed in AB 2877 (Thomson), Chapter 93, Statutes of 2000, Section 104(d).

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Other Resources

Affordable Housing
Information about affordable housing projects and links to public and private agencies that can assist individuals with developmental disabilities in finding affordable housing.

Air Travel for People with Disabilities
Steps taken to ensure that new security requirements preserve and respect the civil rights of people with disabilities.

Assistive Technology
Guide to sources of information on Assistive Technology including sources of public and private funding.

DDS Resource Guide
This guide provides information on more than 1,000 agencies, nonprofit organizations, voluntary service groups, commercial businesses, and other entities which offer services and supports for individuals with developmental disabilities, their families, and service providers.

DDS Safety Net
This Website is dedicated to the dissemination of information on the prevention and mitigation of risk factors for persons with developmental disabilities.

DDS Videos
DDS has produced many videos concerning developmental disabilities.

Directory of Regional Centers
A listing of the 21 regional centers serving California's developmental disability community.

Directory of Regional Occupational Centers and Programs
Community Care Facility Direct Support Professional Training website.

Direct Support Professional Training Resource Guides
Year 1 and Year 2 - student resource guide for the Direct Support Professional Training includes extensive information related to each training session, in-class activities, homework assignments, session review questions/answers, reference and resource materials.

Regional Center's Map (PDF)
A printable map of the 21 regional centers.
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