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Individual Program Plan Resource Manual

This resource manual is designed to facilitate the adoption of the values that lead to person-centered individual program planning. It is intended for use by all those who participate in person-centered planning. It was developed with extensive input from consumers, families, advocates and providers of service and support.

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Chapter Title
  Table of Content, Forward and Acknowledgements
(80KB/2 pages)
Chapter 1 Introduction (721KB/13 pages)
Chapter 2 Values, Roles and Responsibilities (720 KB/10 pages)
Chapter 3 Format and Instructions (454KB/35 pages)
Chapter 4 Examples of Person-Centered Planning (4190KB/172 pages)
Chapter 5 Stories (286KB/40 pages)
Chapter 6 Training Guidelines (140KB/6 pages)
Chapter 7 Glossary (118KB/3 pages)
Chapter 8 References (95KB/2 pages)
Full Document Individual Program Plan Resource Manual
(8419KB/283 pages)
Last Updated: 3/2/2018