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Central Program Services

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Central Program ServicesProgram Type:

Eldridge Community Services consisting of several service divisions: Education, Supported Employment/Vocation Services, Specialized Rehabilitation Services and Adult Day Services.

Description of Program:

Provide a wide and varied array of services that are beyond the resources of individual residential programs. These include opportunities for people to make independent life choices in areas that include education, employment, leisure and daily life. Also included is access to the most up-to-date therapeutic and educational innovations through the Special Rehabilitation Services and clinic-based assessment services. Client participation is promoted through both assistive and vocational technology supports.

Education Services:

Specialized Education Services are provided to clients under the age of 22 residing at SDC. These services are provided in accordance with each student’s Individual Education Plan and California Education Code. Services range from individual, SDC classroom, to community classroom instruction, provided by highly qualified, credentialed educational staff. Curriculum offerings include, the developmental of communication, cognition, socialization, computer based instruction, leisure skills, and other life skills development. The specialized programming employs the use of adaptive technology, sensory integration and stimulation when prescribed.

Supported Employment Services:

Supported Employment Services offers community-based opportunities for paid employment through Sunrise Industries, in partnership with local businesses. Sunrise Industries has developed these partnerships to provide qualified individuals with on-site work at the business location. Assistive technology and work modifications are available, based on need.

Vocational Services:

Vocational Services offers a variety of paid employment opportunities through Sunrise Industries. Sunrise Industries offers training and paid jobs to the people living at Sonoma Developmental Center. Our goal is to provide each person the best possible work training or employment position that is suited to their individual strengths and needs. Sunrise Industries strives to help people to do more for themselves, creating a more independent life style. Employment opportunities include, but are not limited to: light assembly, packaging, recycling, plant propagation, and janitorial services. Individuals’ workstations and work tasks are individually modified with adaptations and jigs based on their level of abilities.

Vocational Technology Services:

Vocational Technology Service (VTS) has the responsibility for all workplace adaptations, fabrication of devices/jigs to assist an individual to perform work, and delivery or implementation of workplace supplies. Together this team assesses and evaluates the needs for adaptive activities, which may increase, maintain or improve ones ability to participate. An assistive technology device can be any item that is used to improve a disabled person’s function.

Adult Day Services:

Adult Day Services offers a broad spectrum of activities and supports to adults who live at SDC. Services include, but are not limited to: movement and exercise, sensorimotor stimulation, restorative care, leisure, and for those who prefer to work, development of work skills. Individuals are provided with the adaptive supports necessary to enjoy a variety of experiences. Adult Education Services are provided in partnership with the Sonoma County Office of Education.

Specialized Rehabilitation Services:

Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Speech Therapy provide assessment, treatment, care planning, and staff training in order to improve or restore the functional capacity of individuals affected by developmental disabilities, illness, or injury. In addition to providing traditional therapeutic services, the Physical Therapy department has developed a therapeutic horse riding program that incorporates the movement of the horse as a therapeutic agent to enhance individuals' lives. The therapist directs the horse's movements, which in turn promotes active responses in the individual, thus leading to improved functional abilities in daily living.

Speech/Language Pathologists provide communication assessments for clients; developmental of communication systems; and consultation, collaboration, and training for staff. They meet with interdisciplinary teams, Adaptive Engineering Services, and Occupational Therapy Services to develop individualized adaptive communication devices. In addition, the Speech/Language Pathologists provide assessment, diagnosis and treatment of dysphagia, including both disorders of swallowing and oral function for dining.

The Occupational Therapists administer physician-ordered treatments to recover physical function and develop individualized plans for accessing and manipulating the environment. Their primary areas include physical development, dysphagia management, adaptive strategies, and use of assistive technology. In the area of assistive technology, Occupational Therapists assess for and assign equipment based on an individual's need. They direct the purchase, design, fabrication, and modification of specialized equipment, such as custom seating systems, orthotics, wheelchairs, adaptive dining equipment, and other types of assistive devices.

Adaptive Technology Services:

Adaptive Engineering, Adaptive Technology and Custom Shoes: Adaptive Engineering Services (AES) has responsibility for the design, fabrication, and delivery of custom-made seating systems, helmets, orthotics, and other items of adaptive equipment and assistive devices which either cannot be purchased or which, when purchased, need modification to meet consumer needs.

Assistive Technology Resources Service (ATRS) has responsibility for other assistive devices used to increase independence in accessing and interacting with the environment. In addition to providing these assistive devices, they also fabricate special adaptations, and develop individual strategies for using the devices. Some of the environments they address are education, activities of daily living, recreation, and communication.

The Shoe Department provides a variety of customized footwear, ranging from shoes fabricated in the shop to modifications of commercially available shoes. The department also obtains specialized shoes from specific vendors.

Other Services:

Facility-wide services include Audiology and the MOVE program (Mobility Opportunities Via Education). MOVE staff use a specially designed curriculum to teach movement techniques that increase individuals’ abilities to sit, stand, or walk - often using specialized equipment specifically designed for the MOVE program.

Centralized Services (Eldridge Community Services):

Description of Program: Centralized Services’ goal is to provide a wide and varied array of services that are beyond the resources of individual residential programs. These include opportunities for people to make independent life choices in areas that include recreation, religious services, and companionship through the Foster Grandparent/Senior Companion Program. Personal expression is supported through library and computer activities, access to supplies for individual activities, as well as individual grooming choices through the barber/beauty shop. Lives are enriched with special recreational events that are enjoyed by the individuals who live at SDC, the staff, and the community as a whole.

Services: Activities are provided facility-wide and include: Volunteer Services, the Donation Center, Foster Grandparent/Senior Companion Services, chaplaincy services, client libraries, Animal Assisted Therapy, interpreter services, Fundamentals (which provides activity supplies to all programs), and Classic Cuts (barber/beautician services). In addition, the REACH program (Recreation experiences, Exercise and movement, Activities, Computer access, Holiday awareness) provides a multi-use recreational center that offers a wide variety of meaningful activities to the individuals residing at SDC. Recreation Services are provided through Camp Via, the Fitness Center, special recreational events, the Equestrian Program, and the Eldridge Farm, as well as the swimming pools, gymnasium, and athletic fields.

Last Updated: 3/2/2018