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Aleana Carreon
Executive Director

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Eldridge, CA 95431
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Job Opportunities, Internships and Volunteers

Sonoma Developmental Center (SDC) is a California state civil service employer. In order to be considered for a position at SDC, you must have eligibility on a State of California hiring list or be a current or former State of California employee. You can attain eligibility on the hiring list by applying for and successfully competing in a competitive examination process. Applications and examination announcements can be downloaded at the California Department of Human Resources or can be obtained by calling (707) 938-6923 or (707) 938-6811.

    Telephone contact:

    • Job Hotline: 1-800-999-JOBS
    • SDC Human Resources: (707) 938-6923 or (707) 938-6811

    Email:   jobs@sonoma.dds.ca.gov

    Continuous Testing Positions:

    Assistant Director of Dietetics
    Clinical Dietician
    Food Service Technician I & II
    Individual Program Coordinator
    Licensed Vocational Nurse
    Occupational Therapist
    Occupational Therapist Assistant
    Peace Officer I
    Pharmacist I
    Physical Therapist I & II
    Physical Therapy Assistant
    Physician & Surgeon
    Psychiatric Social Worker (HF)
    Psychiatric Technician
    Psychiatric Technician Assistant (CNA)
    Psychiatric Technician Trainee Psychologist (Educational & Clinical)
    Psychology Associate
    Registered Nurse
    Rehabilitation Therapist (Music, Recreation, Dance & Art)
    Respiratory Care Practitioner
    Senior Psychiatric Technician
    Service Assistant (Hospital)
    Speech Pathologist I
    Teacher (Severely Handicapped)


    SDC currently has 20 psychologists, 2 interns and 1 practicum student. Our internship objective is to train generalist psychologists who can apply skills learned here in a wide variety of clinical settings. Twenty-five percent of intern time is allocated to supervision, education and seminars; seventy-five percent to direct clinical services. The internship can be individualized.

    Stipend from Range A thru E: $2846-3717* per month
    (*The starting range for the Clinical Psychology Intern classification is based on education.)

    Application requirements:

    • Complete Standard APPIC Application
    • Internship Readiness Form
    • Three Letters of Recommendation
    • Graduate School Transcripts
    • Vita


    SDC has been designated as an Approved Agency for Recreation Therapy Internship Programs by the California Board of Park and Recreation Personnel and by the National Council of Therapeutic Recreation Certification. Interns function as Rehabilitation Therapist, Recreation within the scope of orientation establishing a foundation in recreation therapy as applied to a developmental center setting, and evolve to a position of working independently as a Recreation Therapist. Any student who is interested in an intern assignment with SDC should send a resume to:

    Rebecca Zyskowski, RTC, CTRS
    Central Program Services
    Sonoma Developmental Center
    P.O. Box 1493
    Eldridge, CA 95431
    Phone: (707) 938-6525


    The Foster Grandparent Program offers men and women an opportunity to share their love, wisdom and support with children and adolescents with developmental disabilities or mental health needs. Foster Grandparents are 55 years or older, have a limited income, volunteer 15 to 40 hours a week, provide support, guidance, mentoring, and individualized instruction. Children and adolescents 22 years of age and under receive a warm, caring adult who understands and accepts them; encouragement and confidence; personalized assistance; and individualized instruction.

    The Senior Companion Program offers men and women an opportunity to share their time and talents. Senior Companions are 55 years or older, have a limited income, volunteers 15 to 40 hours a week, provide friendship, companionship, and individualized instruction. Adults with developmental disabilities or mental health needs receive a warm, caring friend; encouragement and confidence; personalized assistance; and individualized instruction.

    Foster Grandparents and Senior Companions receive:

    • A tax exempt stipend;
    • One meal stipend provided while on duty;
    • Paid holidays;
    • Earned sick and vacation time; and
    • An annual health appraisal

    For more information, contact the Foster Grandparent/Senior Companion Coordinator at (707) 938-6201.


    SDC accepts appropriate volunteers over the age of 14. Volunteers are welcome in many areas, including classrooms, worksites and in recreational areas. Assignments are also available in our landscaping department, at the Eldridge Farm and in the client library. Volunteers are always needed to work 1:1 assignments. A background check and medical clearance is required of all new volunteers. To register as a volunteer, please contact the Volunteer Office at (707) 938-6713.


    We accept donations of new and like-new items, including clothing, some furniture and household items, sporting goods, toys and recreational items. Monetary donations are always welcome and all funds donated are used entirely as the donor directs. To make a donation, you can contact the Volunteer Office at (707) 938-6713 or mail the donation directly to:

    Sonoma Developmental Center
    P.O. Box 961
    Eldridge, CA 95431

Last Updated: 3/2/2018