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Program One

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Program OneProgram Type:

Intermediate Care Facility (Sensory Adaptation, Orientation & Life Skills Development)

Description of Program:

Support individuals whose behavior interferes with their satisfaction and independence by assisting in finding replacement behaviors. Individuals with vision and hearing impairments learn to navigate their environments independently and communicate in American Sign Language and/or using alternative communication systems.

All service planning and individual program development is an interdisciplinary effort. Services are based on comprehensive assessments, including evaluation of individual skills and interests. The resulting active treatment includes training, assistance, opportunities, and choices in the areas of communication, socialization, activities of daily living, vocational activities, leisure time utilization, and attention to and treatment of any underlying medical issues.

Training in Orientation and Mobility is provided to people with poor or no vision and to the staff who work with them. The Program also emphasizes communication skills for individuals with vision and hearing impairments. When individuals exhibit behaviors which cause injury, damage, or interfere with social relationships, staff determine the function of these behaviors and then help individuals learn a replacement behavior that would serve the same function, but without the element of injury, damage, or social interference. Prompt medical attention is always provided, and licensed nursing staff are available at all times.

Last Updated: 3/2/2018