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Program Descriptions


Nursing Facility (NF) Services has three residences that focus on treating acute and chronic medical conditions.

NF Services provides individualized and high quality nursing care for the promotion of physical and emotional health. Many of the individuals served have experienced acute or chronic medical conditions. Common medical conditions may include neuromuscular and sensorimotor deficits, feeding and respiratory difficulties necessitating supplementary oxygen, gastrostomy or tracheostomy care, end of life care, and other nursing conditions which require 24 hour care from skilled level of care staff.

NF Services provides highly skilled staff trained in restorative nursing care, alternative positioning, range of motion, respiratory support, and assistance in activities of daily living. Adaptive equipment is utilized to maximize independence and self-reliance. Individuals participate in a variety of activities which focus on sensory stimulation, communication, socialization, and leisure. Staff support a compassionate, calm, and supportive environment.


Intermediate Care Facility (ICF) Services has five residences that provide positive behavioral supports to assist individuals in living more independent lives and opportunities for personal growth. Age ranges from early adulthood to elderly adults. The Interdisciplinary Teams (IDTs) and caretakers focus on social skills development, fostering interpersonal relationships, and development of independent living skills. They provide services to adults with intellectual developmental disorders and behavioral and psychiatric conditions such as autism spectrum disorder, pica mood disorders and behaviors that interfere with living in a less restrictive setting. ICF Services also provides behavioral supports with highly specialized medical and nursing supports to assist individuals in living more independent lives and provides opportunities for personal growth. The IDTs and caretakers focus on sensory integration, social skills development, fostering interpersonal relationships and development of independent living skills.

ICF Services is committed to utilizing positive supports that include the individuals we serve. All individuals are provided opportunities to attend daily programs provided by Central Program Services and on-unit and off-campus activities. Individuals served are provided training opportunities to achieve their life goals, attain increased independence, exercise their rights and self-advocacy and make choices in their daily lives.

The Northern STAR (Acute Crisis Center):

Porterville Developmental Center
Porterville Developmental Center

The Northern STAR (Stabilization, Training, Assistance, and Reintegration) provides short-term crisis stabilization for up to five individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Individuals are admitted pursuant to the California Welfare and Institutions (WIC) Code Article 1 (commencing with 6500) of Chapter 2 of Part 2 of Division 6 due to an acute crisis, pursuant to Section 4418.7.

The Northern STAR treatment team provides mental health and behavioral treatment for severe psychiatric and behavioral conditions in a home-like setting while maintaining and enhancing independent living skills, vocational and leisure skills and coping communication skills. The goal of the acute crisis center is to provide person centered treatment that will expedite the person's return either to their prior residence or a more suitable community-based residential setting.


Porterville Developmental Center

Central Program Services provides a wide and varied array of services that are beyond the resources of individual residential programs. These include opportunities for people to make independent life choices in areas that include education, employment, vocational, leisure and daily life. Also included is access to the most up-to-date therapeutic and educational innovations through the Special Rehabilitation Services, and clinic-based assessment services. Client participation is promoted through both adaptive and vocational technology supports.

Last Updated: 5/25/2018