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DSPT - Year 1 Student's Resource Guide

Session Topic
  Acknowledgements, Table of Contents and Introduction (15 pages)
1 The Direct Support Professional (20 pages)
2 The California Developmental Disabilities Service System (26 pages)
3 Risk Management & Incident Reporting (41 pages)
4 Medication Management: Part 1 (44 pages)
5 Medication Management: Part 2 (24 pages)
6 Wellness: Maintaining the Best Possible Health (49 pages)
7 Oral Health (39 pages)
8 Signs & Symptoms of Illness and Injury (26 pages)
9 Risk Management: Environmental Safety (41 pages)
10 Communication (25 pages)
11 Positive Behavior Support (29 pages)
  Student Resource Guide (7 pages)
  Full Document: Year 1 Student's Resource Guide (387 pages)

If you have any questions about the Year 1 Student's Resource Guide, you may either e-mail your questions to ccfdsp@dds.ca.gov or call 1-800-622-8904.

Last Updated: 7/3/2018