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Service Hubs and Regional Centers Served

Northern California Service Hub

Butte County Office of Education
1500 Lincoln Street, Suite 1
Oroville, CA 95965
Telephone: 530-879-7462 x111
FAX: 530-532-5876
Web Address: https://cte.bcoe.org/dspt.html

Regional Centers served by Butte County:

  • Far Northern
  • Redwood Coast
  • North Bay
  • Alta CA

Central California Service Hub

Fresno County Office of Education
1318 E. Shaw Avenue, Ste. 420
Fresno, CA 93710-7912
Telephone: 559-497-3757
FAX: 559-497-3841
Web Address: http://rop.fcoe.org/direct-support-professional-dsp-training/

Regional Centers served by Fresno County:

  • East Bay
  • Valley Mountain
  • Central Valley
  • Kern
  • Golden Gate

Southern California Service Hub

Riverside County Office of Education
3939 13th Street
Riverside, CA 92502-0868
Telephone: 951-826-6446
FAX: 951-826-6440
Web Address: http://www.rcoe.us/career-technical-education/dsp-training-and-test/

Regional Centers served by Riverside County:

  • San Gabriel/Pomona
  • Inland
  • Orange County
  • San Diego

Coastal California Service Hub

Santa Barbara County Office of Education
4400 Cathedral Oaks Road
Santa Barbara, CA 93160-6307
Telephone: 805-964-4710 ext. 4462
FAX: 805-569-2507
Web Address: http://rop.sbceo.org/dsp/

Regional Centers served by Santa Barbara County:

  • San Andreas
  • Tri-Counties
  • North LA
  • Frank D. Lanterman
  • Westside
  • Eastern LA
  • South Central LA
  • Harbor
Last Updated: 10/4/2019