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Family Resource Centers

Parent's Rights Booklet

Families of infants and toddlers can receive parent-to-parent support from Early Start Family Resource Centers. Family Resource Centers (FRC) actively work in partnership with local regional centers and education agencies and help many parents, families and children get information about early intervention services and how to navigate the Early Start system.

California's FRC are staffed by parents who have children with special needs and provide information and parent-to-parent support. Each FRC is unique, reflecting the needs of their community. They may operate as independent sites or be based in regional centers, local education agencies, public health facilities, hospitals or homes. Family support services are available in many languages and are culturally responsive to the needs of the individual family.

Early Start FRC that are under contract with the California Department of Developmental Services may provide:

  • parent-to-parent family support
  • peer counseling and home visits
  • information and referral
  • public awareness
  • parent education
  • assistance with transition from Early Start at age 3
  • support services in many languages
  • translation assistance
  • support services in urban and rural communities

For more information about FRC contact the Family Resource Centers Network of California. Their mission is to support families of children with disabilities, special healthcare needs, and those at risk by ensuring the continuance, expansion, promotion and quality of family-centered, parent-directed, family resource centers.


Last Updated: 2/26/2018