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Theresa Billeci
Executive Director

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Porterville, CA 93258-2000
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Medical Services

Porterville Developmental Center

Porterville Developmental Center has a highly qualified staff of physicians and nurses who provide 24-hour medical services for our consumers to support and ensure quality continuity of medical care. These services include a Clinical Laboratory, Radiology, Dental Clinic, Respiratory Therapy, Audiology, and Occupational/Physical Therapy. In addition, Specialty Clinics are held regularly on grounds which include gastroenterology, cardiology, nephrology, neurology, endocrinology, urology, ophthalmology, optometry, dermatology, mammography, orthopedic, podiatry, psychiatry, pulmonary and infectious disease.

Administrative Services

Administrative Services departments work in partnership with the clinical and medical staff to provide operational support and services necessary for the care and treatment of the consumers that reside at PDC

Porterville Developmental Center

Dietetic Services:
Dietetic Services provides optimum nutrition for each consumer and works to enhance each individual's quality of life by providing a healthy and safe environment that fosters relationships, dining choices and wellness. Production and Presentation staff prepare and serve a variety of meals and diets each day to meet the needs of each consumer. Professional services are provided to the Programs to contribute nutritional expertise to the Interdisciplinary Team for each individual's program plan.

Porterville Developmental Center

Plant Operations:
Plant Operations is responsible for maintenance, repair, and alteration services on all structures, utility systems, grounds, State equipment and mechanical/electrical systems within the facility boundaries. Plant Operations is comprised of various departments/shops (Power Plant, Engineers Shop, Refrigeration Shop, Electric and Metal Shop, Carpenter Shop, Paint and Plumbing Shop, Mason and Lock Shop, Landscape, Pest Control and an Energy Resources department) each specialized to respond to the wide range of physical needs throughout the facility.

Porterville Developmental Center
Porterville Developmental Center

Accounting /Trust personnel are responsible for tracking, monitoring and managing the facility's overall budget, which includes budget allocations and expenditures for Personal Services (salary and benefits), Contracts, and Operating Expenses and Equipment. The Trust Office is responsible to preserve and protect consumer funds and eligibility for benefits and to keep accurate records as the responsible fiduciary.

Porterville Developmental Center

Pharmacy provides medications and treatments to improve consumer care and optimize response to drug therapy. Drug distribution includes a Unit Dose delivery system, an I.V. additive system, floor stock and a prescription system. Pharmacists review consumer's drug therapy regimens and complete monthly drug regimen reviews.

Porterville Developmental Center

General Services:
General Services department provides a wide range of support services (Janitorial, Transportation, Property, Laundry, Upholstery, Clothing, etc.) to enhance consumers' quality of life by providing a clean, healthy, and safe environment. General Services is responsible for managing and maintaining the facility's communication system by tracking and maintaining all communication devices to ensure proper use and working condition. Maintains facility's vehicle fleet and ensures deliveries are timely and meets the needs of the facility.

Porterville Developmental Center

Human Resources:
The Human Resources (HR) department provides leadership in the development, implementation and administration of sound human resource policies, procedures, and programs which support the facility needs. Each of the HR departments (Labor Relations, Payroll/Transactions, Position Control, Health & Safety, Exams & Recruitment and Equal Employment Opportunity) are responsive to the changing needs of the consumers, employees, management, employee organizations and other state related entities. HR personnel provide the support and guidance to maintain requirements to create a healthy and positive work environment in order to assist staff in accomplishing individual goals and objectives, as well as overall organizational goals.

Porterville Developmental Center

Computer Services:
Computer Services is responsible for the maintenance and management of all software, hardware and network systems for all facility computers and establishes appropriate justification, acquisition, accountability and use of computers. Ensures the use of computers is consistent with overall need for information management systems and is coordinated with all other applications of information technology both in facility and at the department level. The department ensures that the integrity and security of information, information systems and program operations are not jeopardized.

Porterville Developmental Center

Clinical Records:
Clinical Records is responsible for the overall maintenance and management of consumers' Electronic Medical Records. The department is accountable for the document management and storage of consumer records, conducts various audits, and provides ER 2000 training and support. Personnel in the Legal Department interact with the courts and coordinate the schedules for consumer court hearings and appearances. Staff provide legal support and assistance and ensure proper notification and communication between the courts and the facility.

Last Updated: 3/2/2018